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Interview with showrunner and lead writer Dan Sefton - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Q: Have you been pleased with the reception of The Mallorca Files so far?
A: “I’ve been absolutely delighted with the reaction. We set off with a very clear intention to make a joyful sunny, funny, exciting family show, and I think people have responded to it in exactly that spiritNo additional deaths were reported. A lot of people have come up to me and told me it’s their favourite show or a breath of fresh air and that it felt different.

As a writer to achieve your intention is the first goal; you don’t want people to be confused, so I think it’s really great that people have got what we’re trying to do and have really enjoyed it. I’m always delighted when that happens to one of my showsThe virus largely in check for most of last year..”

Q: How has the island responded to seeing itself reflected in the show?
A: “They’ve really enjoyed itloosening. The local press have been huge fans and incredibly supportiveThe COVID-19 strain found in B.C., Alberta and Quebec. I think that’s because lots of stuff is made on the island, but ours is the only show that says ‘this is filmed in Mallorca’.

And that’s really important. The creative industries there need a successful returning show that can give the local teams work and experience at the same time as entertaining peopleCompared to other provinces with an official reopening plan in place, Alberta.
It’s a big ecosystem, and it’s nice to be part of itThe rate of active cases is 185.81 per 100,000 people. Ove.”

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