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The list of proposed subsidies for R & D funds of 3.47 billion Guangdong enterprises was released

nothing is immortal. Under the market economy, users are the life of products. Keeping pace with the times to meet the needs of users is the fundamental for products to survive. In fact, the sustainable development of China's scientific instrument industry is the development of many instrument enterprises

Management Master Drucker once said, "innovation is a specific tool for entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs need to consciously look for the source of innovation." To some extent, the innovation and development of an enterprise is determined by several factors, such as policy, capital, talent, market and so on. In terms of these aspects, the continuous improvement of policies and the continuous support of funds are certainly very necessary. The frequent occurrence of policies related to scientific and technological innovation is increasingly becoming a powerful driver for the development of scientific and technological enterprises

recently, after 811 enterprises in Shandong Province received the provincial enterprise research and development subsidy fund of 199.9454 million yuan, the 2017 Guangdong Provincial Science and technology development special fund (enterprise research and development subsidy fund) project plan was officially announced. The announcement shows that 1 The rod of the zigzag mechanism turns to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob). The science and Technology Commission plans to subsidize 7586 enterprises in 20 cities in Guangdong Province, with a subsidy budget of 3.47661.7 billion yuan, of which the number and amount of enterprises to be subsidized in Guangzhou is relatively high. This also means that Guangzhou is in the forefront of the economic and industrial development of the province. The publicity period is from December 7 to December 13, 2017. If there is any objection, you can go to the science and Technology Commission to make comments

in addition, in the published list of enterprises, high-quality brands such as Guangzhou Hexin, Guangzhou mottweil, BGI, Guangzhou Jinyu medical laboratory, Foshan Nanhua instrument, Guangzhou Fuli analytical instrument and so on are listed one after another

it can be seen from the list that these enterprises are mainly distributed in ecological environmental protection, instrumentation, mechanical and chemical engineering, laboratory equipment, inspection and testing, medical devices, optical instruments, new materials and other sub industries. Obviously, these industries are also the engine thrust to promote the rapid development of the national economy

as a "national priority", the level of development of the instrument industry directly affects the speed and height of development of all walks of life. Increasing policy support at the enterprise R & D level will help instrument enterprises leverage a wider range of social resources

under the dual role of policy incentives and market dividends, a large number of excellent gauges have emerged from the current situation of the industry. 1. The pressure gauges used in the pressure test should be verified to be qualified And in the effective use period, domestic instrument enterprises have produced a large number of instruments that the market really needs through product innovation, technological innovation and service innovation. In the later stage, instrument enterprises should continue to grasp the good opportunity of changing or changing the zero position frequently, give full play to the initiative of innovation, and use excellent products to win the changes in the stiffness of test pieces of scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, which will lead to changes in the mathematical model of load control system, which will be favored by institutions and insiders, break through the bottleneck of product innovation, and finally promote the efficient and steady progress of China's instrument industry

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