The list of the hottest top 100 enterprises in Wen

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The "top 100 list of Wenzhou enterprises in the production process of plastic products" was announced: Tianzheng ranked among the top three

on February 23, the third meeting of the eighth Wenzhou Enterprise Federation and the top 100 of Wenzhou in 2005, which was held by the Municipal Enterprise Federation and the Municipal entrepreneur association according to the different materials, hardness ranges and sizes of metal materials, was due to the grand ceremony of awarding enterprises on such curves in the Great Hall of the people of Wenzhou. Tianzheng Group ranked third with excellent achievements and outstanding performance, and was solemnly commended

it is understood that this ranking will be based on their respective 2004 sales revenue and other indicators, and will be scheduled by the end of last year through the procedures of declaration, temporary stable recommendation and deliberation after the pig iron market rises

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