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The list of the 14th Bisheng printing excellent Newcomer Award came out

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core tip: in 2017, the 14th Bisheng printing excellent Newcomer Award selected 12 industry elite representatives. What strength and achievements can they win this honor? Let's explore:

6 Various signs on the equipment are not clear [China Packaging News] since the first Bisheng award was awarded in 1987, the Bisheng printing technology award has been selected for 13 consecutive times, and 147 outstanding scientific and technical personnel, outstanding teachers, outstanding entrepreneurial managers and outstanding employees in China's printing and related fields represented by Academician Wang Xuan have been selected

they have contributed their talents to the research, development, innovation and management of new printing technologies, new equipment, new materials and new processes, made outstanding contributions to the development of the publishing industry and the great cultural prosperity, and played an important role in stimulating and promoting the scientific and technological innovation, green development and scientific management of China's printing industry

in 2017, the 14th Bisheng printing excellent Newcomer Award selected 12 industry elite representatives. What strength and achievements can they win this award? Let's explore:

Wang Guangjie, deputy general manager of Shanghai Jielong modern printing Paper Co., Ltd.

he is conscientious in his work and has made remarkable achievements in the field of operation management and market development. While constantly improving its own business ability and level, it firmly establishes the concept of lifelong learning and takes the lead in scientific and technological innovation research and development. From the development and launching of ERP software to the hosting of the research and development of "variable digital printing system", with his efforts, Jielong company has become the only authorized manufacturer of Disney park tickets. Comrade Wang Guangjie has brought good economic benefits and honors to the company with his rich management experience, unique insights and ideas at work, and keen business sense. He has been unanimously recognized by the company, colleagues, and colleagues. He is a young and promising talent emerging in the printing industry

Wang Xiaobin, general manager of the delivery and operation center of Yachang culture group

he is an enterprise executive from the grass-roots level. He can not only go deep into the front line, but also be the core responsible for the production, delivery and operation of the enterprise. Strengthening the training of reserve personnel team, continuously improving production efficiency and reducing production costs are the goals he has been pursuing. Wang Xiaobin always adheres to the "craftsman spirit" inherited by ancient Chinese craftsmen for thousands of years, regards book printing as artistic creation, abandons rough and shoddy production, devotes himself to meticulous carving, and pursues perfection in nuances. The reason why Yachang printing remains first-class in the global art field is inseparable from the construction of Wang Xiaobin's advanced and scientific production management system. He has played an important role in the promotion and popularization of advanced printing technology in the industry

Wang Yuxin, chief engineer of Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd.

Wang Yuxin attaches great importance to tracking the development of international cutting-edge science and technology. Based on independent research and development, he has obtained 56 authorized patents, which has solved many problems in the field of printing equipment. In addition, he is also committed to cultivating and improving the overall innovation and R & D capabilities of the team. Under his leadership, EVA's R & D Center launched new products every year, with an annual increase of more than 20% in patent applications. These technological innovations have greatly promoted the overall improvement of the company's technological level. It can be said that Wang Yuxin has made great contributions to improving the overall level of China's high-end printing equipment and stabilizing China's competitiveness in the international market

Wang Huajun, chairman of Shenzhen Yutong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

as the founder of Yutong, he overcame many challenges in the early stage of entrepreneurship, worked hard to improve the level of technology, production equipment and management, and led Yutong to achieve rapid development. Yutong was rated as the first of China's top 100 printing and packaging enterprises for two consecutive years, which is enough to prove its success. Wang Huajun has always adhered to the R & D strategy of "adhering to independent innovation and maintaining technological leadership", established the Yutong group technology center and Yutong Research Institute, focused on technology research and development, and promoted the upgrading of the printing and packaging industry. He has always believed that the dissemination and publicity of advanced printing technology and the promotion of exchanges and collisions among peers will promote the progress of enterprises and industries. At the same time, it also guided Yutong technology to participate in the drafting, formulation and revision of a number of national and industrial standards, making the company more benchmarking and demonstrative in the field of printing and packaging

LV Wei, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Jinjia Group Co., Ltd.

he has been involved in the packaging and printing industry for 23 years. He has been conscientious in company management, actively taking the initiative to resolutely worry about the R & D department and solve technical problems for the production department. He has a strong ability to analyze and solve problems. In the industry activities, actively promote and implement the concepts of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and lead Jinjia company to implement green printing technology and cleaner production. In the face of the current situation of uneven enterprise management and technical level in the printing industry, comrade LV Wei has repeatedly proposed to strengthen the implementation of standardized management, promote the improvement of the overall management and technical level of the industry, and take the lead in setting an example in his work, so as to build Jinjia group into an industry benchmark enterprise, and at the same time, unreservedly share his management experience with other enterprises in the industry

Li Yanfeng, general manager of Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Li Yanfeng served as the company's product designer, deputy chief engineer and head of R & D department, deputy general manager, general manager and other positions during his work in beiren. Under his auspices, he has successively completed the development of more than 40 major new products represented by fr400 electronic shaft gravure printing machine, which fills the domestic gap, and more than 150 scientific research tasks of common technologies of packaging and printing machinery. He attached great importance to the construction of enterprise technological innovation capacity, and under his leadership, the company's product structure has been fundamentally challenged and optimized. Since taking the post of general manager, he has paid attention to the management inside and the market outside, innovated the marketing management mode, carried out the reform of the business division, and stimulated the vitality of the enterprise. It has made outstanding contributions to promoting the rapid development of enterprises and the technological progress of China's packaging and printing and equipment manufacturing industry

hexiaohui, teacher of Beijing Institute of printing

since she came to Beijing Institute of printing, she has successively undertaken the teaching of eight different courses in the school, and has published a number of national and industry planning textbooks and printing technology monographs to meet the teaching needs. The professor's students, from enterprise executives and technical backbones to publishing house printing executives, government cadres, cultural group leaders, have spread all over the industry and become the backbone of enterprises, which can be described as a peach and plum all over the world. As college teachers, in addition to sticking to teaching posts and cultivating students, they also actively promote new technologies and help enterprises develop harmoniously based on the school, service industry and society. At the same time, it is also committed to the research, promotion and talent training of printing standardization, and has become a leading figure in printing standardization

Shen Jun, managing director of Shanghai Tongkun Digital Printing Co., Ltd.

Shen Jun has realized the business system of unified management, unified operation, unified process standards and unified assessment standards, as well as the marketing mode of one-stop service, on-site service and direct stores by combining the headquarters' centralized management and the cooperation of chain stores with production. Under his management, Tongkun has won unanimous praise from customers in terms of service; In terms of quality, he restrained all links of the company with the spirit of craftsman, and constantly pursued and innovated digital printing. As one of the leading enterprises in the digital printing industry, Tongkun has promoted the development of the industry with its own steady growth, and has stabilized its leading position in the industry with the quality standard system and management mode constantly explored by the enterprise in the chain operation

Chen liangbing, director of the 1206 factory of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

Chen liangbing has worked for 30 years since he came from the grass-roots level. He is not proud or complacent in prosperity, depressed or wavering in adversity, and has withstood all kinds of tests and challenges. Since taking office as the factory director, he has vigorously promoted reform and innovation, promoted the transformation, upgrading and all-round development of the enterprise, and achieved the goal of increasing the economic benefits of the enterprise and the wages of employees. Under his leadership, the smart new plant of 1206 factory has become a template for the printing industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to learn from. Its intelligent planning and automation have reached the most advanced level in the industry at present. He also actively organized industry forums, offered advice and suggestions on environmental protection issues, carried out technical exchanges, and made his best efforts for the development of the industry

ZHENG Jingwei, chairman of Zhongshan Zhongyi ink coating Co., Ltd.

since the establishment of Zhongyi ink, he has been politically firm, upright, and has a strong dedication, dedication, and innovative spirit. In the management of enterprises, people are appointed on the basis of merit, the introduction and training of talents are always put in the first place, and environmental protection production and product quality are highly valued. No, graphene materials may bring great changes to the design and manufacturing field, forgetting the original intention, and has been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. Under its promotion, the company also established a "Love Fund Committee" to set an example and actively participate in volunteer and charity activities. What Zheng Jingwei pursues is not material enjoyment, but is determined to do something beneficial for Zhongshan and the country, to promote the development of the ink industry, and to create China's own national brand. He is a rare talent in the industry

guozhiqiang, chairman of Shandong century Kaiyuan e-commerce Co., Ltd.

as a leader in the field of printing e-commerce, he led the team to develop the century Kaiyuan "here print" mobile shopping service client, providing small and micro enterprises with a one-stop solution for business printing, and fundamentally solving the pain points of the traditional printing industry. With lucky, we invested heavily in the research and development of waste liquid recycling treatment system, which promoted the cleaner production of printing and processing. The proportion of all aluminum body pure electric buses equipped with bus lines in Songjiang District of Shanghai reached 76%, contributing to the cause of environmental protection. At the same time, guozhiqiang also adhered to public welfare and charity, and has been involved in Entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation activities for the disabled, which has brought economic and social benefits to varying degrees. Guo Zhiqiang is modest and studious, diligent and professional, has a decent style of work and spirit, and deserves this award

PENG Yong, general manager of Gauss graphic printing system (China) Co., Ltd.

PENG Yong is bold in innovation, and the direct investment will exceed US $1.1 trillion. This is the key weapon that he has led the enterprise to occupy the top position and remain in the forefront of the printing machine industry for many years. His bold reform and innovation not only stay in technology and production, but also committed to improving the internal management of the enterprise, constantly exploring how to make more effective use of the existing resources within the enterprise to achieve efficient operation. He not only pays attention to the newspaper printing and book printing market, but also has a great heart for China's packaging industry. The equipment developed by his team fills the gap of domestic high-speed unit flexographic printing machine. Under the leadership of Peng Yong, Gauss (China) has not only made outstanding achievements in scientific research projects and enterprise management, but also launched the public welfare book donation activity of "one more book for children" since 2016. While creating a healthy reading environment for children, it also popularized the concept of green printing to every corner of society, which has been recognized and affirmed by all sectors of society

it is these backbone forces who are practical, enterprising and dedicated to the printing industry, vigorously carry forward the spirit of independent innovation and contribute to the industry

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