The list of the hottest wild animals was expanded,

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Wildlife list "expansion"! The protection of these aquatic wild animals has been upgraded. Release date: Source: People's

learned from the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas that recently, the State Forestry and grassland administration and the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued an announcement to publish and implement the adjusted list of national key protected wild animals (hereinafter referred to as the list). The number of species in the adjusted list increased significantly compared with the original list, and a transition period was set before June 30

it is found that the adjusted list includes 302 species (categories) of aquatic wildlife, including 46 species (categories) under national first-class protection and 256 species (categories) under national second-class protection. However, the previous manufacturing equipment and processes are far from meeting today's needs, and the number of species has increased significantly compared with the original list

specifically, for species such as giant salamanders whose wild populations are only listed in the list, and Nile crocodiles whose wild populations are only approved as national key protected wild animals, their wild populations are managed in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the wildlife protection law, and artificially bred species are subject to different management measures from wild populations; The relevant management requirements of the announcement of the State Administration of market supervision, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, and the State Forestry and grass administration on banning wildlife trading are no longer applicable to those who operate and use the above species to artificially breed populations. For species such as tortoise, which are listed in the list only in the wild and have been approved as national key protected wild animals before release, their artificially bred populations can continue to be managed in accordance with the provisions of the notice of the general office of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas on the active work of the audience on the approval and management of aquatic animal species in the appendix to the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and flora before June 30. In the next step, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas will carry out the identification management of related species

in strengthening law enforcement supervision for various utilization management. All acts of hunting, trading, transporting and eating wild animals prohibited by the wildlife protection law and other relevant laws and regulations must be strictly prohibited; Increase the punishment for acts of destroying aquatic wildlife resources, and improve the deterrent force of the law; We should give full play to the role of the reporting platform, so that we can quickly check and eliminate the trouble of finding scissors or ballpoint pens to puncture the packaging, and strictly investigate and deal with it. In addition, we should strengthen communication and coordination with relevant law enforcement departments, and establish a long-term mechanism for law enforcement coordination among departments for illegal acts such as random arrests and indiscriminate eating, so as to form a situation of joint management

the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas requires that the fishery departments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) should sort out the list of local key protected aquatic wildlife issued by all regions according to the list and promote the adjustment as soon as possible

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