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The list of the top 100 printing industry in Guangdong was announced

the first selection of the top 100 printing industry in Guangdong Province was released in February after more than two months of application and selection with the full support of Guangdong Publishing Bureau, Guangdong Printing Association and other units

this series of activities is a grand event with the largest scale in Guangdong's printing industry, the largest participation of enterprises in the industry and the highest level, integrating exhibition, exchange and discussion, visit to the draft and award. Thousands of representatives of large and medium-sized printing enterprises participated in the event, which attracted the keen attention of more than 20000 printing units. Leaders of the provincial people's Congress, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government came to guide, and major media tracked and reported, comprehensively showing the highest level of the printing industry in Guangdong Province. It is a long-awaited event for the printing industry

the top 100 achievements exhibition of Guangdong printing industry, a series of activities of the top 100 printing industry in Guangdong Province, was grandly held in Guangzhou Art Museum from February 28 to March 1, 2004. The event will involve the top 100 printing enterprises with the most strength and development potential in Guangdong Province, including: Shenzhen Hongxing printing and packaging, Heshan Artus printing, Xingguang group, Shenzhen Jinjia, Shenzhen Zhonghua business union printing (Guangdong), Shenzhen Yachang, Lifeng Accor printing (Shenzhen), and a large number of excellent enterprises. For the first time, excellent printing products at home and abroad will be exhibited. At the same time, leading printing equipment and consumables enterprises at home and abroad, including Heidelberg, Roland, Agfa, Shenzhen and Japan, were invited to set up technical consulting stations and booths. We will strive to present the extraordinary achievements of Guangdong's printing industry since the reform and opening up

list of top 100

Hongxing printing (China) Co., Ltd.

Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd.

Yangcheng Evening News Group

Lijia International Group

Shenzhen but the manufacturer that normally produces the tube clamp of the experimental machine is Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co., Ltd.

Xingguang Group Co., Ltd.

China business union printing (Guangdong) which has passed the national certification standard Ltd.

Southern Newspaper Group Printing Factory

Dongguan Hucai Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Jinsheng Lushi Group Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Fengcai Color Printing Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Fengcai Printing Co., Ltd.)

Zhongshan Zhongrong paper printing products Co., Ltd.

Weicheng industry (Shenzhen) Ltd.

Nanhai Nanfang Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd.

Lifeng Accor printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Xinzhou Printing Co., Ltd.

Yachang enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.

relief printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiuxing printing and packaging center

Shenzhen Huali Packaging Trade Co., Ltd.

Jinsheng packaging (Shenzhen) Ltd.

Zhongshan Zhengye Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shantou Yuedong Printing Factory Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huasheng Packaging Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Wanchang printing and packaging Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Junsi printing and packaging Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Wancheng color printing and packaging Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Changming Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Boluo Yuanzhou Qinda Printing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen 1 correct design can make particles Flow in the direction of the main pressure city jiaxinda Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Guangcai Printing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Dagong Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou South China Printing Factory (the former 7215 factory)

Guangdong Xinhua Printing Factory

luodega printing (Panyu) Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Dalang Chinese editorial printing factory

Zhuhai Special Economic Zone newspaper Pearl River Evening News printing center

Guangdong Xinyuan Color Printing Co., Ltd (former Guangdong Post and Telecommunications South Color Printing Co., Ltd.)

Guangzhou Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Yonghong Printing Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Huanya plastic packaging Co., Ltd.

Shure Wude packaging (Guangzhou) Ltd.

Zhongshan Xingda Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yimei Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangdong International Container Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Dongfanghong Printing Co., Ltd.

Shunde Lecong color Printing Factory Co., Ltd.

Shantou KaiHong Printing Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Qiaotou Color Bridge printing paper factory

Foshan Gaoming Jindun inductive displacement sensor is a linear device belonging to metal induction, which is a special feature of Hengye computer Seed Printing Co., Ltd.

Shantou Longhu Golden Leaf Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Yangjiang Huamei printing and packaging Co., Ltd.

Foshan Nanhai Gaowei color printing and packaging Co., Ltd.

Zhiyuan color printing industry (Huiming) Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Tiancai Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shangqiao color printing and packaging Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Panyu Meite packaging color level will be richer Co., Ltd.

Shantou Jinshi Printing Co., Ltd.

Shunde Rongli Printing Co., Ltd.

Huizhou guopeng trademark color printing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen xianjunlong Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Dongpeng printing plant of Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau

Shenzhen Jinzhi Printing Co., ltd.colorful bag Decoration products Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Golden Crown Printing Industry Co., Ltd.

Heshan jiadake Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Jianxing Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Panyu Haohan Printing Co., Ltd.

Shunde Shunchang Printing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiabin Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou people's printing factory

Guangzhou Hengyuan Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Yongda Adhesive Products Co., ltd.

Shunde Jiachen Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen senguangyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Chengcheng Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Zhaoqing Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Baiyun Yinyu color printing factory

Shenzhen Baofeng Printing Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Guangyong Packaging Factory Co., Ltd.

Bao'an Guanlan Dongsheng printing factory

one heart greeting card (Panyu Nansha) Ltd.

Shantou Oriental Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen tianzhicai Printing Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Zhongsheng packaging materials Co., Ltd.

Jingyi printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Foshan Haowen Color Printing Co., Ltd. (formerly Nanhai color printing factory)

Shenzhen Longgang Henggang village Wanli printing factory

Guangzhou Jinyang Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Yongsheng trademark printing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Yangjiang Education Printing Co., Ltd.

Zhanjiang Blue Star Nanhua Printing Co., Ltd.

Foshan Nanhai plate making center

Huizhou great wall color printing and packaging Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Huadu Yifeng color printing factory

Guangdong Huaye packaging materials Co., ltd.

Zhuhai denengcai Printing Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai Haomai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen organ printing plant

Huizhou Haitian printing plant

Huaqing Debang chemical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

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