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A brief introduction to digital flexo printing technology

the main difference between traditional flexo and digital flexo is that a black laser photosensitive layer is added to the surface of flexo in the process of producing digital flexo. The main function of black film is to replace the film in the traditional flexo plate making process. The production of traditional flexo is to transfer the image data to a Phototypesetter, and then produce the film of the flexo. The plate making of digital flexo is to put the plate directly on the flexo CTP plate making machine, and the image data are transmitted to the laser one by one. The laser emitted by it erodes the black film, making it volatile, so as to form the desired image on the surface of the printing plate

then remove the printing plate from the plate making machine, and then expose and develop it. In addition to the role of laser sensitive black film in blocking UV light, the UV exposure when making digital flexographic plate is the same as that of traditional flexographic plate, and the subsequent development is also the same as that of traditional plate making. In the process of Vu exposure and development, the purpose and function of each step are the same, but there are some subtle differences that we need to pay attention to. The first thing to remember is that 3D S9 produced by digital flexo Maximum spacing between collets: 200mmystems senior vice president and general manager of plastic department Jim ruder said: "Today's announcement provides a solution that allows customers to produce better parts faster at a lower cost. The point shape is completely different from the point shape on the traditional flexo. Therefore, the point increase value is also different, and the printing machine also needs to adopt new technology to cooperate accordingly.

the contour of digital flexo points and traditional flexo points, and the contour of digital points is sharper than that of traditional flexo points. It is these sharp points that improve digitization The normal force required for softness is the quality and performance of the plate, but the accuracy of film and imaging technology ensures the consistency of the quality of the printing plate, which is very important in the process of controlling printing and completing the final printed matter. In addition to improving quality, more importantly, we can control the whole process in the printing workshop through digitization

what is the appropriate digital flexo technology

proper digital flexo printing technology requires an external drum structure and multiple laser imaging heads, which can accurately and repeatedly make the black film erode and volatilize. Here we can explain it by Cleo's THERMOFLEX thermal God flexo direct plate making machine, which takes the lead in using multiple laser heads for imaging and laser diodes as laser light sources; These laser heads have different models, up to 64 laser beams according to the needs of users. All flexo CTP suppliers now tend to adopt multi laser beam technology

why do all flexo CTP suppliers now tend to adopt multi laser technology? The main reason is that multi laser beam technology has strong advantages in quality, repeatability, production efficiency and reliability

in order to obtain high-quality and repeatable images, an ideal imaging system should have perfect mechanical stability. Mechanical stability is directly related to the speed of the imaging drum. In order to obtain the same production efficiency, the more laser beams, the slower the rotation speed of the drum. Therefore, the more laser beams, the better the image quality and repeatability

image quality and repeatability are also directly related to the ability of each laser beam to completely remove the photosensitive black film. The main purpose of laser imaging is to ensure the complete removal of black film. The equipment providing Gaussian laser beam has irregular energy distribution, so the accuracy and consistency of imaging are limited. Cleo's thermo God flexo direct plate making machine uses multiple laser diodes, and the technology used can provide continuous energy distribution, so the imaging has high accuracy and consistency

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