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New biodegradable environmental protection plastic

Yu Jian, a Chinese biochemical engineer, and researchers from the natural energy society of Hawaii have successfully developed "biodegradable environmental protection plastic" from the residue of food rancid water. This environmental protection plastic can be used to make disposable disposable disposable disposable bottles and cans, plastic films, and even surgical instruments

mix the food rancid residue with water to form a thick paste. Always check the paste of the knife, and then put it in a warm and sealed container for a few weeks. The anaerobic bacteria will cause sensor failure. Zui. What is important is that Zui grows mainly due to the overload reproduction of experimental force and the decomposition of organic molecules of food. The organic combination of the two materials and other bacteria will convert the acid released by the above process into "biodegradable environmental friendly plastic". Using food residues to make this kind of plastic, the cost can be reduced by 40%. The researchers pointed out that the ratio of organic matter in food residue is very high, which is easy to be decomposed by microorganisms to synthesize high molecular polymers. Using food residues to make this kind of plastic is more in line with the principle of environmental protection

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