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On March 11, the latest express of titanium dioxide Market

Product Name

place of shipment

unit price

rutile titanium dioxide rutile (r236:r237)

Guangzhou, Guangdong


enamel titanium dioxide

Nanjing, Jiangsu


titanium dioxide

Shenzhen, Guangdong


titanium dioxide

Yangpu District, Shanghai


imported plastic special titanium dioxide rc-800 PG

Shanghai Minhang District

the half width of the error interval is L × 10 ⑵/220500.00/ton

titanium dioxide ga100

Chaoyang District, Beijing


titanium dioxide Cr -

Baoshan District, Shanghai


the "South China branch of plastic research center" built in Changping

titanium dioxide chemical raw material chemical industry

Shenyang, Liaoning


titanium dioxide

Baoshan District, Shanghai

21500 The advanced film blown by the blow molding machine can be used as commodity packaging to promote 00/ton

titanium dioxide Gansu r215, rutile titanium dioxide

Beijing Xuanwu District


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