The latest beer glass packaging is convenient for

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The new beer glass packaging is convenient for consumers.

a beer bottle and bottle cap with screw threads launched at the recent China beer and beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition has attracted the attention of the beer industry

beer is one of the most popular popular beverages today. At the same time, the beer packaging market is also expanding with the increase of beer production without improving the core competitiveness of enterprises. There are more than 303billion containers used for beer filling in the world, and they are basically divided up by glass bottles and metal packaging. 71% of the world's beer is filled in glass beer bottles. China is the country with the highest proportion of glass beer bottles in the world, accounting for 55% of the world's use of glass beer bottles. Each year, there are more than 50billion glass beer bottles. As the mainstream packaging of beer packaging, glass beer bottles have experienced great changes in beer packaging for a century, It is still favored by the beer industry for its stable material structure, no pollution and low price, and has made great contributions to the beer packaging industry

on the basis of not changing the original glass bottle, this kind of beer bottle has changed the practicality of the beer bottle. The multi screw screw thread is designed at the bottle mouth. The bottle cap adopts the metal beer bottle cap circulating in the market, and it is very convenient to directly rotate the bottle cap to open and drink without any opening tools. When the bottle making industry produces this product, it can be produced by changing the mouth mold without increasing the production cost, When using this product in the beer industry, there is no need to change or replace the original filling and capping equipment. The bottle cap is directly filled and capped. Under the stamping of the capping machine, an internal thread matching the multi screw thread designed at the bottle mouth is formed to buckle the bottle cap. Its tension is greater than the traditional bottle mouth tension, with good safety. The beer industry does not increase production costs, and avoids the damage to the bottle mouth by opening with tools. It has the advantages of repeated recycling

in order to take care of the weak and make it easier for groups and women to use when materials yield, a patented beer bottle product with screw threads with a self starter has been designed. The designer designs an opener at the bottom of the bottle. When drinking, use the opener with the mouth of one bottle aligned with the bottom of the other bottle to rotate the lower beer bottle in the clockwise direction or rotate the upper beer bottle cap in the reverse direction to open it, The relationship between stress and strain is no longer linear. With self-contained opening tools, a single bottle can be opened directly by rotating the bottle cap, which is very convenient. Moreover, the bottle cap can be tightened if it can't be drunk at one time, which can keep the taste of beer unchanged for several days and eliminate waste. This patented product will provide a new packaging product for the beer industry and the beverage industry, and is an ideal alternative product for beer and beverage packaging in the future

under the internal economic cycle, 2021 will be actively integrated into local development strategies. In April, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry.

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of domestic epidemic prevention and control, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is moving forward under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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