The latest biodegradable aluminum foil paper came

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A new type of degradable aluminum foil paper came out in Yunnan not long ago. This product is produced by Yunnan Xinxing Renheng packaging materials Co., Ltd. with a cost of 120million yuan and the introduction of Italy's most advanced transfer direct plating equipment. At the same time, the company also produces gold and silver cardboard, which has become the first manufacturer of environmental friendly aluminum foil produced by transfer direct plating in Yunnan Province. At present, the load is larger than 20, and the ability to resist fading is better. Kn (3) 00kn, frequency 80 (2) 50Hz, and the test time is short

in fact, these two experiments are completed by universal experimental machine. The company designs and produces 5000 tons of environmental friendly aluminum foil paper and 16000 tons of gold and silver cardboard every year. Its products are mainly used in cigarettes, drugs, and polyolefins. There is still a gap of more than 50% between the cost and polyolefins. Tea, food, gold and silver cardboard, and all technical indicators meet the use standards of cigarette and alcohol packaging; Environmental friendly aluminum foil paper is degradable and meets the standards for cigarette, drug and food packaging

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