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New ATM: you can claim with a voucher when you get counterfeit money

Guangdong Banking Association: Guangzhou has not yet piloted a new machine

almost from the moment the bank ATM machine appeared in the streets, people complained and suspected that they had encountered counterfeit money when withdrawing money from the ATM machine. What should I do? The bank will not be responsible for cash leaving the counter, and the bank will not buy it. People often have to admit bad luck because of difficulties in providing evidence. But in the future, this kind of thing will be solved. It is reported that now some regions in China have begun to pilot new ATMs to record the crown number of each RMB. After the ATM is loaded with the crown saving and printing functions of banknotes, once the depositor is in the ATM, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrogel has high compatibility with human tissue, no toxic side effects, no degradation, stable chemical properties, and good elasticity, If the water content is high and the counterfeit money is taken, the withdrawal slip can be used as the basis for claim. However, according to the interview of investment express, there is no pilot of the above-mentioned new ATM in Guangzhou at present

counterfeit money suddenly appears, or fraud

according to the data of the people's Bank of China, as of the end of 2011, the cumulative number of debit cards issued across the country was 2.664 billion and 333800 ATMs. In 2011, there were 14.181 billion bank card withdrawals nationwide, with an amount of 59.34 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.3% and 16.4% respectively year-on-year

nowadays, the use of ATM machines is becoming more and more common, but if you suddenly get counterfeit money from ATM machines one day, you won't be so lucky. Recently, the ATM machines that appear in the newspapers from time to time get counterfeit money have stuck in the throat of the people

Mr. Yin in Guangzhou said that if he withdrew less cash, only a few hundred yuan, he would occasionally identify whether it was counterfeit money. But if you withdraw too much money, there is no time at all Protection mode: it has perfect safety protection functions such as limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop, etc. it can be identified one by one. If there is counterfeit money, it has to admit bad luck. In recent reports, counterfeit money was taken from ATMs in Beijing, Chengdu and other places

a relevant person in charge of a bank told that although some customer complaints would be received and sometimes the bank would report to the public security department for investigation, there was no evidence to prove that the ATM machine spits counterfeit money. In recent years, new materials and fine chemicals have been listed as the development focus of the chemical industry

if a counterfeit money wants to be mixed into the ATM machine, there are only two links: the manual operation link and the machine sorting link. However, from the operation of these two processes, counterfeit money cannot be hidden. In the process of personnel contact, armed escort is almost impossible, and bank employees who can contact cash are completely exposed to monitoring, whether at the counter or in the sorting process. According to bankers, ICBC Shanghai Branch collected a total of 2.67 million yuan and more than 34000 counterfeit coins in 2011, but most of them were intercepted at the first firewall

expert: banks have created a safer environment

but if ATM machines spit counterfeit money, should depositors admit bad luck? In fact, the people's questioning is not unreasonable. Liujunhai, director of the Institute of commercial law of Renmin University of China and vice president of the China Consumer Association, believes that as a unit that operates money itself, banks have created a more reassuring environment for the people in various ways

Liu Junhai also pointed out that in view of the fact that ATM is set up by banks rather than consumers, and in view of the fact that banks refuse or delay in installing counterfeit money screening and evidence preservation facilities when they are fully equipped with economic strength and technical means, he believed that when consumers suffering from counterfeit money pursue the compensation of banks, people's courts should not adhere to the traditional principle of who advocates and who provides evidence, but should adopt a fair position of inversion of evidence. Based on the rule of law concept that fairness and justice are hanging or removing weights from the pendulum, the distribution of evidence should be in direct proportion to the information possession capacity of all parties. Whoever has more information and the ability of evidence preservation should bear more burden of proof. Since the ability of banks to provide evidence is significantly higher than that of ordinary consumers, banks should bear greater burden of proof

just when the inversion of evidence is still in the ideal view of experts and scholars, investment express recently learned that with the development of technology, the bank seems to further play the role of creating a safer environment for banks. It is reported that now some regions in China (some banks in Beijing) have begun to pilot new ATMs to record the crown number of each RMB. After the ATM is loaded with the function of saving and printing the crown of banknotes, once the depositor gets counterfeit banknotes at the ATM, the withdrawal slip can be used as the basis for claims

in this regard, analysts said that the bank's refitting and pilot new ATM machine measures are the general trend, which will help strengthen the credibility and competitiveness of banks, improve the business performance of banks, improve the consumer consumption environment, and finally achieve the balance between fairness and efficiency

as of yesterday, investment express learned through the Guangdong Banking Association and other parties that Guangdong has not yet piloted the above-mentioned new ATM machines

then, before the new ATM is widely used, how should consumers protect themselves and try to avoid getting counterfeit money

it was observed that on the online forum, some experts made such a move: after each withdrawal, manually count the banknotes, confirm the amount, and check whether there are duplicate numbers or suspected counterfeit banknotes; Try to choose the ATM in the business hall for withdrawal; If you withdraw a large amount of money, try to choose the counter to withdraw money, and you should see the salesperson counting money in the counter with your own eyes

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