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New bottle and can products can withstand strong corrosion

Yamato can manufacturing company (address: Central District, Tokyo: 0576) recently launched a resealable bottle aluminum can "New bottle and can J. the world is facing the use of wine packaging for the first time.

generally speaking, wine is relatively corrosive, and aluminum cans cannot be used as wine container packaging materials. The company has developed special packaging materials for wine, and introduced new bottle and can for wine to the market for the first time. At the same time, cups corresponding to wine drinking are also launched Son. This makes it more convenient for consumers to use. At present, the wine manufacturer using new bottles and cans is Monde wine manufacturing company, a winery in Yamanashi county (address of the agency; dichui City, Yamanashi county). Compared with the commonly used glass bottled wine, it has the characteristics of light weight, not easy to break, strong aesthetic sense of design, light protection performance, etc. in addition, it is attached with a drinking cup, which increases the convenience and novelty, and has been highly praised and adopted by the manufacturer

the sales of wine in new bottles and cans are currently mainly put into JR East Japan Shinkansen? For the sale on the express train and nipponrestart on the platform, you will find the restaurant chain operated by antenterprise company (our address; Tokyo), as well as the direct sales store of Monde wine manufacturing company. It is planned to expand sales channels in the future. The new industry wide sales volume of more than 400billion yuan packaging allows consumers to drink authentic wine more casually and conveniently during travel, on the way back from business trips, outdoor activities, etc. The company is also looking forward to the establishment and recognition of new drinking methods of wine

the product launch of Dahe can making company is mainly aimed at the overseas wine and beverage market, aiming to promote and expand the sales of new bottles and cans. And accelerate the promotion and proposal of the high added value of the product to customers

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