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Xiong Yi: for the digital transformation of enterprises, the top-level planning should be clear, the operation consultation should be effective, and the integrated plan can be implemented

at present, the development momentum of intelligent manufacturing is vigorous, and industrial interconnection has risen to the height of national strategy. More enterprises begin to think about how to make digital transformation. Enterprise transformation in intelligent manufacturing 4 On the road of regularly replacing sealing rings, we are facing a strategic level. We should clarify the concept of transformation, clarify the direction of transformation, and plan the layout as a whole; At the operational level, it often leads to the location relationship between the two situations. Considering multiple paths such as supply chain, lean production and energy management, it also integrates business scenarios; At the technical level, we should meet multi-level challenges such as multi-level technology integration and integrated landing plan

in response to these three-tier challenges, Schneider Electric has also put forward a targeted overall solution for green intelligent manufacturing, opening up the three-tier architecture of planning, 10, operation and system after the last drop

at the strategic level, adopt the seven steps of top-level planning of digital transformation, specifically, seven steps into poetry. First, sort out the business architecture, which should cover the production links of the whole value chain, but also the corresponding auxiliary links, find out the business pain points, then plan and improve the efficiency of the organizational structure, and then gradually deepen to the application architecture, data architecture, technical architecture, and then create an ecosystem, and finally formulate a complete A feasible digital transformation roadmap. The advantage of doing so is that it can help enterprises clarify their ideas, clarify the direction, find the positioning after the transformation, and orderly build a high-tech system of digital waterproof experimental machine products

at the operation level, the whole value chain can be opened up through supply chain consulting, optimization can be achieved through lean production consulting, and green manufacturing can be achieved through energy management consulting and control of manufacturing links; At the technical level, Schneider Electric's technical level consultation drives the mutual empowerment of innovation needs and advanced technology

with clear ideas in top-level planning, practical results in operation consulting, and the implementation of integrated solutions, it can help enterprises clarify direction, identify positioning, and achieve sustainable construction

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