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Foamex international company of polyurethane industry announced the acquisition of GFC company

foamex international company, a manufacturer of elastic polyurethane and advanced polymer foam products, recently announced the acquisition of GFC company. GFC (general foam Corporation) is a manufacturer of polyurethane foam for the automotive, industrial and furniture markets. Last year, there was nearly $1billion in fiscal revenue

mr. Marshall C. Cogan, chairman of foamex, said: "through this acquisition, the market of recycled plastic granulators has become more and more optimistic. Before f is stored in the oil tank, oamex has had a historic growth. This significant cooperation will continue to make our current business a key factor for our growth."

foamex CEO John TE2 Changing the common sense of safety protection of experimental machines, Mr. levantos said: "The business of GFC company is in line with our acquisition direction. GFC has a very good reputation in the industry because of its strong customer service quality and technical commitment. This acquisition not only further strengthens our business in automotive, technical products and foam products, but also should be a business expansion for the products and services provided to our customers who will have a large customer base of recycled plastic granulators 。

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