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Xinzhou valve said goodbye to the illegal factory buildings and settled in the small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship Park, signing a foreign trade order

with the relocation of the enterprise to this point, the factory buildings have doubled in size, and the enterprise has also embarked on the fast track of development: less than a year, the output value has increased by nearly 1/3, and the factory rent is generally paid once a year. In order to reduce the burden of the enterprise, the rent of the park is changed to half a year. What made Lin Changqing even more overjoyed was how enterprises viewed the road of urban butterfly change in the special action of "large demolition and large consolidation" originally because of hard work? Yesterday, I visited several enterprises that were relocated due to demolition or reconstruction of urban villages. How do they feel as witnesses

in the small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship Park in Yongxing South Park, Longwan, the valve assembly line machine just purchased is placed at the door of Xinzhou Valve Co., Ltd. in the spacious and bright plant, the employees are hot to produce

however, at the end of last year, the enterprise was still living in the illegal building factory in chanzhong village, Haibin street, Longwan District

"at the end of 2015, our plant was facing relocation due to the transformation of urban villages." Linchangqing, the person in charge of Xinzhou Valve Co., Ltd., was very emotional. Since the family workshop more than ten years ago, Lin Changqing has been "growing secretly" in the illegal factory buildings. He is faced with the choice of whether to continue to live in the illegal buildings or to a better platform

because the valve industry has formed a relatively mature industrial chain in Longwan, Lin Changqing was unwilling to leave too far away. After a turn, he felt that Yongxing Nanyuan was his favorite. "With the development of the enterprise, there is an urgent need for a platform for development. The factory buildings are built in illegal buildings. Like fighting guerrillas, I am not confident." Finally, Lin Changqing moved here at the end of last year

with the relocation of the enterprise, the plant is twice as large as before, and the enterprise has also embarked on the fast track of development: less than a year, the output value has increased by nearly 1/3, and the rent of the plant is generally paid once a year. In order to reduce the burden of the enterprise, the rent of the park is changed to half a year. What made Lin Changqing even more overjoyed was that foreign trade orders that had previously failed due to hardware conditions were now successfully signed

"last year, when we were in the old factory, foreign businessmen came to inspect our enterprise. Foreign QC was relatively strict, saying that our hardware failed and the environment was bad." Lin Changqing said, "as the saying goes, planting Wutong trees attracts Phoenix. After moving to the new factory, the corporate image is much better, and we also have the confidence to participate in the international trade fair. In June this year, we signed a contract with a German foreign merchant, and the first batch of goods has been shipped."

originally, the enterprise was mainly oriented to the domestic market, but now it has begun to expand the foreign trade market, focusing on both domestic and foreign trade. "From the continuation of old customers, the effect of the exhibition, and the information of the industry, I have great confidence in the future development." Lin Changqing is full of confidence

Zhao MI, the boss of the shoe industry, the person in charge of Wenzhou aijiaai shoe industry Co., Ltd.

safety comes first. This money has to be spent

in May this year, Zhao Mi rectified the factory building in Qianchen electroplating Park, Shuangyu street, and was also facing enterprise relocation. Zhao MI, from Anhui Province, started his business seven years ago as an apprentice in the shoe industry. In order to save rent and reduce the pressure on enterprises, enterprises have been producing in illegal buildings around Shuangyu. The heavy hammer of the pulling machine of the former Chen electroplating park enterprise must often be revised. It has been in the industry for more than 4 years. In June this year, Zhao Mi decided to move into the yinglou entrepreneurship Park in phase III of the shoes capital of Fengmen street

the living examples around him made Zhao Mi finally decide to "spend money", "enterprise friends had a fire in the workshop of illegal buildings, and they worked hard for several years and lost all their money. When they returned to the liberation overnight, safety was still the first." Zhao MI, who started from scratch, cherishes the hard won enterprise and strives for stability first

"the benefits are also obvious. Customers also like the park. Factories are more centralized, and the flow of customers is also large; it's easy to recruit workers, and workers also like to work in such an environment; transportation, location, dormitory configuration, etc. are all upgrades. Although the rent is under pressure, it's worth the money, and it's reassuring." Zhao Mi said

enterprise employee

Yang Changjiang, an employee of Wenzhou Huaying Technology Co., Ltd.

the environment is good, the mood is good, and the efficiency is also higher

as an old employee of Wenzhou Huaying Technology Co., Ltd., with the enterprise settling in Yongxing South Park in May this year, Yang Changjiang also moved from the previously rented residential house to the new employee dormitory, and lived in a dormitory with more than 30 square meters of independent toilets and air conditioners with two workmates. The plant was originally crowded with 800 square meters, but now the oil return valve with 4000 output valves outputs most square meters. In order to celebrate moving into the "new home", Wang Jianqiang, the boss of the enterprise, also changed the name of the enterprise from "Huaying" to "Huaying", implying the ambition of the enterprise to take off

"the biggest change is that the working environment and living environment have improved." Yang Changjiang smiled, "the working and living environment is better, the mood is relaxed, the work is also energetic, and the work efficiency is also higher."

Park Manager

yangshengju, head of Yongxing small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship Park

recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of enterprises applying for admission to the park

Yang Shengju, head of Wenzhou Yongxing standard Plant Co., Ltd. and Yongxing small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship Park, introduced that the whole park is less sensitive to process changes. The park covers an area of 386.7 Mu and a total construction area of 390500 square meters. Through innovation, the park has changed the previous way of only building factories and ignoring supporting facilities, and incorporated new connotation

pay attention to the construction of "large supporting facilities". In addition to the standard factory buildings, the park has also built staff dormitory buildings, canteens, basketball courts and other supporting facilities. Let employees get some spiritual care in the factory. Property management companies have also been set up to manage the park. "Security, water and electricity, greening and so on are managed by property companies. You can find them if the roof leaks. If it was in the past, you had to find your own water electrician. How troublesome." Said an entrepreneur who just entered the park

Yang Shengju introduced that since the park opened last year, nearly 100 enterprises have settled in, accounting for more than 90% of the factory buildings, and more than 10 have moved into the park because of demolition violations or urban village reconstruction. "The rent plus management fee is about 9.5 yuan/square meter, and the rent is also relatively affordable. Since August this year, more than 40 enterprises have queued up to apply for admission to the park, and the number of enterprises calling for consultation has increased significantly in recent days."

"for the enterprises we contact, rent is one of the considerations of enterprises. The configuration that the park can provide as a whole can strongly support the subsequent development of enterprises, which is another important reason."

expert comments

huzhenhua, Dean of the Business School of Wenzhou University

"large-scale demolition and reorganization" demolish the butterfly transformation road of small and micro enterprises

in the demolition action, some enterprises believe that the cost of illegal construction is low and the pressure on enterprises is small. After the demolition, the pressure on Enterprises becomes greater

according to the person in charge of Xinzhou valve, the situation is just the opposite - saying goodbye to the illegal factory buildings, moving into the small and micro enterprise park, receiving large orders from foreign investors, and ushering in another spring of enterprise development. Business owners who do not calculate the cost will not develop well, but how to calculate the cost. Is it just for the present, or based on the long term? Moreover, the illegal and backward factories have repeatedly sounded an alarm to the world at the cost of their lives. A well compliant environment is the wing of the enterprise to take off. Facts have proved that enterprise development 1. The operation procedure exhibition must be on the right track. Today's pain is the only way for enterprise transformation and development

with the joint efforts of all departments, enterprises will usher in Phoenix Nirvana and rebirth, and Wenzhou will have a better tomorrow! (according to Wenzhou Evening News)

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