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Xinzhou: hometown of architecture adds a new engine for development

when it comes to Xinzhou District, Wuhan, many people still have the impression of "hometown of architecture". In the past five years, Xinzhou District has made great efforts to improve and transform traditional industries, and introduced green industrial projects such as circular economy and high-tech industrial projects such as aerospace. Its comprehensive strength has jumped to a new level, and last year it ranked among the top 10 county economies in the province. At present, the construction of Wuhan National Aerospace industry base with a total investment of 37.5 billion yuan is accelerating, and the "Wuhan Green Valley" led by the "interconnection + green recycling remanufacture" industry is taking shape. Recently, we visited some investment attracting enterprises in Xinzhou

upgrading of traditional industries

Yangluo power plant guards the blue water and blue sky

on June 14, when you came to the garden style Yangluo power plant, you could hear the roar of huge units in the distance. The power plant operates 24 hours a day, supplying power to the urban area of Wuhan

this large enterprise, which has settled in Xinzhou for many years and has paid more than 500million yuan in profits and taxes annually, is also undergoing transformation and upgrading

"many people don't know that now Yangluo power plant still produces purified water, and the raw material comes from the Yangtze River water of the cooling unit." Xie Yucai, general manager of the power plant, said with a smile. Take a sip, it tastes fresh

combined with the water intake needs of Yangluo water plant, the tail hydropower station of Yangluo power plant provides about 100000 tons of raw water to Yangluo water plant every day, which reduces the water intake cost of Yangluo water plant, not only gives play to the advantages of energy conservation and consumption reduction of tail water power generation, but also helps local people's livelihood projects

it was found that a new pipeline was also connected to the power generation equipment. Xie Yucai introduced that this is the main heating pipe. The air extraction capacity of a single unit reaches 50 tons/hour. At present, it serves enterprises within a radius of 20 kilometers, and the heating price is one third cheaper than natural gas. "In addition to power generation, heating will be the new economic growth point of Yangluo power plant in the future. In addition to enterprises, our heating pipelines will also be laid into the surrounding residential areas, and the air extraction volume will reach 200 tons per hour, serving residents for heating at a relatively low price." Xie Yucai said

in the past two years, Yangluo power plant has invested 500million yuan in energy conservation and environmental protection transformation. At present, the pollution degree of smoke and dust discharged is lower than that of gas. "You can see that the white smoke emitted by the chimney is actually carbon dioxide and water, and there is basically no pollution." Xie Yucai said that after the transformation, the emission indicators of the unit were better than the national standards, guarding the blue water and blue sky of Yangluo

fly ash is a by-product of power plants. After the boiler is burned, the dusty flue gas is removed and purified by the ash removal process. The purified flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere, and fly ash is recycled. At present, Yangluo power plant produces and sells 650000 tons of fly ash annually, which has become a brand of Yangdian fly ash and has been recognized by the market

gold panning in waste

the five remanufacturing projects of greenmead settled in greenmead Xinzhou base. As soon as I entered the office building of the park, I found hundreds of surveillance videos on one wall, which broadcast the production of all greenmead company parks in the country at any time

"some videos are connected with the environmental monitoring system of the environmental protection department, and the emissions of key pollution sources in the park are monitored at any time. It is precisely because of this that greenmead dares to become a transparent factory and accept the supervision of the society at any time. To be a world-class enterprise, we must rest assured." The relevant person in charge of greenmead Xinzhou base told me

along the spacious visit channel, the green industry of greenmead mining "urban mine" came into view. At the disposal center for end-of-life vehicles, the "Hercules" - a large vehicle demolition machine imported from the United States can swallow three buses in one breath and crush 165 tons of end-of-life vehicles in one hour. More miraculously, after entering the non-ferrous metal separation equipment, the parts on the car can immediately become metal raw materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and so on

in the new disassembly line of electronic waste, various cutting-edge imported equipment are exerting their power, and waste refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions and computers are being rapidly decomposed. Among them, the refrigerator crusher from Germany is worth more than 20 million yuan, which can decompose a refrigerator in a minute

where are the decomposed raw materials? Find the answer in the recycling and injection molding center. The decomposed plastic raw materials such as cars and refrigerators are then processed by advanced machines into new products: plastic garbage cans, forklift hauling chassis, etc

according to the relevant person in charge of greenmea Xinzhou base, greenmea is laying out the battery pack recycling industry chain, building a new energy "Hanxin" and becoming the world's largest power battery recycling center. At present, the gmy cycle power pack has been equipped with Dongfeng Yufeng logistics vehicle

according to Xinzhou District, as an important part of Wuhan Green Valley, since 2015, on the basis of Yangluo base, greenmead has built a new base covering an area of 658 mu in cangbu. Five remanufacturing projects with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan have been completed and put into operation, including 150000 vehicles per year, the world's leading China's largest ELV disposal center; The annual processing capacity can reach 5million sets, which is the world's leading electronic waste disassembly line; Sino Japanese joint venture auto parts remanufacturing project; An annual output of 30000 power battery pack recycling demonstration production line; The largest waste plastic remanufacture and injection molding center in Central China

a number of heavyweight enterprises settled in

Xinzhou aerospace industry new city is about to emerge

this year, Xinzhou District has had a series of happy events to attract investment: the first three major projects to settle in the base, including aerospace science and industry rocket technology company with an investment of more than 2.5 billion yuan, electromagnetic protection stealth materials, high-end iron core, will be fully started at the end of June, and the construction of Wuhan National Aerospace industry base with a total investment of 37.5 billion yuan is accelerating

on April 24 this year, the second "China Aerospace day", Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base in Xinzhou was officially opened on this day. China's first professional Rocket Company to carry out R & D and application according to the business model - Aerospace Science and industry Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. has settled in the base for the launch vehicle assembly and general coordination center project

the rocket company plans to build a 1500 mu national commercial aerospace base in Xinzhou, of which the carrier rocket general assembly and coordination center project is the core leading project of Wuhan National Aerospace industry base, with an investment of 1.035 billion yuan in the first phase and even 700 million yuan in the next period. It mainly builds solid rocket assembly plants, where fine operation of employees is the key to low iron and aluminum production, clean assembly plants, general assembly plants, etc, After it is completed and put into operation in 2018, it will form an annual production capacity of 20 launch vehicle assembly tests

in addition, Hunan Aerospace has settled two new material industrialization projects, electromagnetic protective materials and special soft magnetic, in the industrial base to carry out the construction of electromagnetic new material industrial park. The project plans to cover an area of 320 mu. After it is put into operation, it will build a domestic advanced military civilian integration electromagnetic protection material and special soft magnetic research and production base

according to the plan, with Yangluo commercial space city in Xinzhou District as the core platform, Wuhan academy of the Fourth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and industry group, the National Geospatial industrialization base of East Lake New Technology Development Zone, and the general aviation and satellite Industrial Park in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone as the three major supports, the "one area and multiple parks" development pattern of Xiaogan, Yuan'an, Xiangyang and the whole Wuhan urban circle is synchronously radiated, Strive to build Wuhan into a national commercial aerospace high-tech industry base, a national commercial aerospace technology innovation and entrepreneurship base and an international commercial aerospace development and exchange center, and become an important force supporting the development of China's aerospace industry. Yangluo commercial aerospace city will become a pilot area for comprehensive innovation and Reform in Wuhan and a core industry bearing area in Wuhan Yangtze River New Area

it is estimated that by the end of the 13th five year plan, aerospace science and industry and related enterprises will settle in Xinzhou to load the experimental industrial base at a constant rate, achieving an annual output value of 30billion yuan

gathering circular economy industries

Green Valley will become a world-class green maker base

the relevant person in charge of Xinzhou District said that it will focus on the "Internet + green circular remanufacture" industry, deeply implement the innovation driven strategy, and build Wuhan Green Valley in three years. Relying on greenmead, wenteng group and other enterprises, we will focus on the construction of five functional areas, including green industry cluster, R & D institutions cluster, green consumption and circular economy display, innovation and entrepreneurship comprehensive services, and ecological life. Unite with well-known universities at home and abroad to gather excellent innovation and entrepreneurship talents, and create an innovative development carrier with cutting-edge industrial positioning, good innovation ecology, complete entrepreneurship services, convenient and livable life

according to the plan, Xinzhou District will establish various green development funds with a scale of 5billion yuan, and build five service platforms and supporting public infrastructure for incubation, enterprise, finance, talent and wisdom. Through efforts, Wuhan Green Valley will become China's first 5A level green maker and circular economy tourism base, the green development benchmark of the Yangtze River economic belt, and the world's advanced green industry cluster

at present, Wuhan's first green building industrial park, with an investment of 6billion yuan by the Third Engineering Bureau of China Construction Corporation, has been successfully settled in Xinzhou and put into operation, boosting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. Last year, the first building industrialization project in our province, CSCEC Shenzhen Hong Kong New City Phase I, was officially capped, and all six houses were assembled and produced by "building blocks", creating a miracle of "building a floor" in the fastest four days. It should be repaired in time

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