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Xituo Electric: enter the smart electricity market

Xituo electric (835977) is a technology enterprise located in Xi'an. When I visited this company a few years ago, I heard that the corporate culture of this company is to make employees work happily. At that time, I thought that this should be a different company. After visiting the company, I confirmed my idea

this company has an independent office building in Western cloud valley. The design of offices and workstations on each floor is different. Chairman Zhao Xin said that each department can freely design the style of the office and find its own color. In the office, there is a special yoga classroom, coffee space and gym, which is more like a leisure center. Employees working here said that some of them didn't even want to go home and felt that the office was quite tensile test: the tensile strength of the three specimens should not be lower than the specified tensile strength value of the grade of reinforcement; The tensile strength of the joint specimen of grade 3 reinforcement after waste heat treatment shall not be less than 570Mpa of the tensile strength of hot-rolled grade 3 reinforcement; At least two test pieces should be broken outside the weld

such a working atmosphere is related to Zhao Xin's work experience. He has been engaged in overseas trade of electric for a long time, and founded Xituo electric in April, 2006. Due to the accumulated experience in the import and export industry of Yongxing special steel, Zhao Xin saw the trade opportunity of intelligent monitoring of electrical equipment, and the company soon made achievements in overseas general contracting business. In 2010, the national smart power strategy brought new opportunities, and the company was able to develop rapidly. From the initial intelligent monitoring of electrical equipment to the intelligent operation and maintenance service of power equipment, Xituo Electric has gradually embarked on a unique development path. Finally, the company has found a new development direction: it is committed to building an integrated energy interconnection ecosystem that combines intelligent operation and maintenance management platform with power sales, property management, fire protection, thermal energy and photovoltaic

in 2016, Xituo electric was successfully listed on the new third board. It has become the first enterprise in the new third board to focus on the technical service of enterprise power management. With the continuous improvement of the company's technical strength and innovation ability, the company has successively reached strategic partnership with Wuhan Nari company of Guodian Energy Research Institute and Pingdingshan high voltage switchgear group, a leading enterprise in the domestic industry, and has become the northwest operation inspection sub center of Gezhouba Group power company

in 2018, Xituo Electric will provide services for the transformation of social power services and the construction of smart city infrastructure through the intelligent operation and maintenance management platform. In February, 2018, Xituo electric announced that the company had successfully issued 3million shares at the price of 6 yuan/share and raised 18million yuan. The previously announced stock plan shows that the raised funds will be used to support and promote the R & D investment and market promotion of the company's intelligent operation and maintenance business, repay short-term loans and supplement the company's working capital. Among them, 7million yuan will be used for R & D investment and market promotion of intelligent operation and maintenance business

recently, Xituo electric held the 2018 Summit Forum on the exploration and development of new smart power services in Xi'an. At the forum, Zhao Xin announced the menu service system 2.0 system of Xituo electric. It mainly includes four parts: power consulting and design, detection and test services, monitoring leftover materials and waste recyclable products, and intelligent operation and maintenance management. President Zhao introduced in detail the practical application of menu services in the medical and chemical industries

Zhao Xin said that Xituo Electric has now become one of the first batch of enterprises shortlisted for the backup Library of the science and technology innovation board in Xi'an

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