Focus on dairy packaging to protect your health

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Pay attention to dairy packaging: protect their own health

when buying dairy products, consumers often only pay attention to brands. As a supplier in the dairy industry chain, packaging enterprises have been behind the scenes for a long time, and their popularity is far less famous than the packaged products. Some consumers even mistakenly believe that the packaging industry is just a show off. In fact, the quality of packaging often directly leads to the quality of packaged products that are prone to melt cracking and stress concentration

taking liquid milk, which is currently very popular in the market, as an example, the majority of consumers usually only pay attention to the brand of dairy products, but little is known about the packaging that plays a key role in the preservation of dairy products. According to different dairy sterilization processes, at present, dairy products on the market mainly include ultra-high temperature instant sterilization (UHT) milk and pasteurized milk, but the requirements for packaging of these two types of products are quite different. The pasteurization method is commonly used in glass bottles, plastic bags and roof cartons for milk in the market. This method has no special requirements for packaging. Therefore, the shelf life of products after years of development is relatively short, and the requirements for the whole cold chain system are very high. It can only be kept fresh for 2 to 3 days in an environment below 4 degrees. Considering that there are still many problems in the cold chain construction of milk transportation, retail and other links in China, milk products packaged with ordinary materials are relatively easy to deteriorate

the use of ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology solves the problem of difficult transportation, storage and preservation of liquid milk. At present, developed countries have generally adopted this technology for fresh milk packaging: heat the milk to more than 135 degrees, keep it for only a few seconds, and then quickly drop to normal temperature, and then fill and seal it with six layers of paper aluminum plastic composite sterile materials under sealed sterile conditions. UHT technology organically unifies sterilization equipment and packaging materials. Compared with traditional sterilization and filling methods, high temperature can destroy harmful microorganisms, and short-term continuous high-temperature treatment preserves the nutritional components and taste of milk. The application of composite packaging materials can prevent the damage of bacteria, light and air to the preservation of milk to the greatest extent. Therefore, the preservation of milk can be up to 9 months at room temperature. Ultra high temperature sterilized milk provides consumers with protection from the perspective of nutrition and safety, so it is welcomed by more and more people

aseptic technology not only makes the food production process of manufacturers more reasonable, but also shortens the storage process of retailers and provides consumers with more convenient and diversified food. In fact, the number of sterile packaging products is increasing, mainly because this processing and packaging technology can make liquid food taste better, retain nutrients more lasting and eat safer; In addition, the product can keep fresh and excellent taste for months without refrigeration and adding preservatives to tell the truth; The square box packaging can save storage and transportation space, and save the transportation and storage costs of products. While improving product quality, it reduces the overall production cost for manufacturers

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