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Xiongxian county was named Hebei packaging and decoration printing base

the third China (Xiongxian) printing and packaging equipment and materials exhibition, which lasted three days for cathode material enterprises to directly transmit the price rise pressure of raw materials to downstream battery customers, closed today. Leaders from China Packaging Industry Association, China Packaging Corporation, relevant provincial departments and Baoding Municipal government attended the exhibition. At the same time, Hebei Publishing Bureau named Xiong County as Hebei packaging and decoration printing base and held the unveiling ceremony

Xiongxian packaging and printing industry has gone through 20 years. After 40 years of hard work, especially the rapid development in recent years, the brush industry has 2000 enterprises of all kinds, forming an industrial pattern of three packaging products (plastic packaging, paper packaging, artificial leather packaging), four printing technologies (flat, convex, concave, silk) and five production areas. The annual production of various packaging products is 300000 tons, and the annual output value is more than 2 billion yuan, It has become a famous plastic packaging and printing production base in northern China, and has broad prospects for development. Hebei province regards the construction of Xiongxian packaging, decoration and printing base as an important part of the construction of the Beijing Tianjin publishing industry belt

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this exhibition has played a demonstration and leading role in accelerating the transformation of the aluminum industry in Henan Province. The exhibition is hosted by the Xiongxian county government and China Packaging News. More than 300 manufacturers of printing equipment, raw materials and packaging products participated in the exhibition. The scale of the exhibition, the grade of participating equipment, the level of product science and technology, and the turnover of the exhibition are all higher than those of previous years

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