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The technical analysis of revised standard for "the types and basic parameters for oil drilling rigs" Zhang Ren Jun

(Lanzhou Petroleum Chemical Machinery Works, Lanzhou 730050, China) Abstract:on the basis of summarizing the technical practice of oil drilling rig from U.S., analyzed the technical notation of the main parameters of the reviewed standard and discussed in detail the rationality and advancement of the standard

Key words:standard; technique; analysis; Conclusion ▲ 1 standard formulation and revision review the vigorous development of China's petroleum industry in the 1970s, but the equipment is backward. Under this situation, the former Ministry of petroleum industry and the Ministry of machinery industry jointly organized and established the "drilling rig serialization and chain drilling rig investigation group" in 1975, and the "three standardization group" in 1978. Based on the analysis of drilling rig standards in various countries and American drilling rig and API specifications, China drafted the standard of oil rig types and basic parameters. It was reported to the State Administration of standards in 1979 and approved as the national standard of the people's Republic of China with the standard number of gb1806-79, which was implemented on

the remarkable technical feature of this standard is that it breaks through the previous practice of following the standards of the former Soviet Union and Romania in terms of the maximum hook load parameters. These two standards basically determine the maximum hook load according to the needs of casing load in the comprehensive well structure; China's standard this time is to determine the maximum hook load by giving full play to the load that can be provided by the winch of the drilling rig under the requirements of relevant specifications and design criteria. Therefore, this parameter formulated by this standard is larger than that of the Soviet Union and Romania standards (see Table 1), which greatly improves the adaptability of the drilling rig to the formation and drilling technology. Table 1 maximum hook load comparison between gb1806-79 and Su 76* and Luo 75* standards well depth h/M maximum

hook load

w/tfgb1806-79120 220 300 600 Su 76* standard 120140 170 250 320 400 Luo 75* standard 100125 200 320 400 500 note: * refers to 1976 or 1975 standards. Since the first standard was issued, it has been revised twice, which has played an important role in standardizing and promoting the development of oil drilling rigs in China. See Table 2 for the comparison between the former and the latter standards. Table 2 Comparison of main parameters of previous drilling rig standards drill grade

different models gb1806-79 ZJ20 zj32zj45zj60zj80 gb1806-86 1520 1999 revision 10/60015/90020/135030/170040/225050/315070/9000 drill



M5 inch * drill pipe gb1806-79 20005 inch * drill pipe gb1806-86 900 ~ ~ 2000 1900 ~ ~ ~ 8000 5 inch * drill pipe 1999 revision 500 ~ 8005 inch 700 ~~~~~~~~/2 "

drill Rod 500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12000 maximum

hook load

w/tfgb1806 - 79 120 gb1806 - 86 90135 1999 revision/585900 winch maximum

input power

p/hpgb1806 - 79 550 gb1806 - 86 450700 1999 revision drum steel

wire rope diameter

d/m (inch) Gb1806-79 28.5 32.532.5 or 34.534.539.5 gb1806-86 2628.5 32.534.53841.5 1999 revision 22/7/826/129/11/832/11/432/1 product grade has been improved 1/435/13/838/11/242/15/852/2 swimming system

rope number

ndmaxgb1806-79 8/8/1010/1212/14 gb1806-86 8/88/8/1010 1999 revision 6/68/88/88/108/1010/1210/1212/16, 10/14 12 after entering the initialization mode and successfully testing, we start the machine/16 drill floor


H/mb1806-79 2.8 4.2 ~ 4.54.5 (6) 68 ~ 9 gb1806-86 3, 4.5 4.5, 6, 7.56, 7.5, 97.5, 9 1999 revision 3, 44, 55, 6, 7.57.5, 9, 10.5, 12 drilling pump single

power is not less than

Pd/hpgb1806-79 350500 800,,, Gb1806-86 350800, 8001000, 13001300, 1999 revision at present, the company has established a graphene pilot production line. 2. Basic practices of American oil drilling rig technology. The United States ranks first in the world in terms of oil drilling rig technology and sales volume. The integration with international technology is essentially the integration with the technical practices represented by the United States and the adoption of API specifications. This trend has been adopted in the standards of oil drilling rigs in China

as far as the commonly used mechanical driven drilling rigs are concerned, the United States has reached a mature stage in the 1960s, and its petroleum machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly from that time to the 1970s. There are eight major drilling rig manufacturing companies. According to statistics, 1891 drilling rigs were used by 286 land and 40 offshore drilling companies in the United States in 1973, accounting for 90%, especially national, emsco and IDEO, which accounted for 30.8%, 13.9%, 10.7%, oil well 8.25%, mid continent8.25%, Wilson 7.15%, cardner Denver 5.15% and Brewster 4.85% respectively

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