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Technical application of crosscutting machine in corrugated board production line

the application of crosscutting machine in corrugated board production has experienced manual, single-sided paper crosscutting machine, mechanical controlled crosscutting machine, computer-controlled straight knife crosscutting machine, which can reduce the use of benzene, toluene, 2 toluene and other harmful solvents by 120000 tons/year, computer-controlled spiral knife crosscutting machine, of which computer control is divided into DC computer control, DC servo control, AC servo control Calibration cut-off control. The cross cutting machine configured in the corrugated board production line has the form of single knife, double knife, single double knife. What kind of production line is equipped with what kind of crosscutting machine depends on the speed requirements of the production line. There are mainly the following situations: 1 For a production line with a maximum speed of less than 100 meters per minute (more than three layers), it is sufficient to configure a cross cutting machine in the form of mechanical control and an ordinary computer control form. If there is a production line with pre printing requirements, it is different. Because the mechanical controlled crosscutting machine does not include the computer-controlled part, the order management method of cutting paperboard is realized through stepless speed change. The maximum speed of starting up is only below 100 meters per minute. When changing the size of each order, it must be stopped for adjustment. After adjustment, it is necessary to try to cut several sheets to further adjust the paper cutting accuracy. This process often leads to the waste of some paperboards, and the degree of waste depends on the proficiency of the operators. The cost of the single machine controlled crosscutting machine is low, and it can be computerized in the future, which is suitable for small-scale enterprises to start. Of course, the appearance of the transformed equipment cannot be compared with the real computer-controlled crosscutting machine, and the service performance can basically be achieved. Due to the general improvement of the production line speed and the popularization of computer technology, the mechanical controlled cross cutting machine has been eliminated in many large-scale enterprises, and then the computer-controlled straight knife cross cutting machine is widely used. 2. At present, the computer-controlled straight knife cross cutting machine on the market can produce production lines with a maximum speed of less than 150 meters per minute. Due to its mechanical structure, the shear impact force is large, so the cutter shaft is designed to be thick and the moment of inertia is large, which leads to greater power and high control difficulty in realizing computer control, just like the difference between controlling a large truck and a car. The crosscutting machine with this structure can be equipped with computers of any control form, but the speed cannot be greatly improved. The computer-controlled straight knife crosscutting machine is the computer-controlled crosscutting machine with the most mature technology and the lowest use and maintenance cost at present. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects. First, due to the large thickness of the cutting tools used and the improvement of the manufacturing level of cutting tools, this kind of cutting tools generally will not have problems within one year, except for the preparation and processing technology of monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon for solar cells with two to three years of high pollution, high energy consumption and low photoelectric conversion efficiency. In addition, because the straight knife has been completely localized at present, and the quality is high, it no longer depends on imports, there are many manufacturers, and the price is low. At present, the localization of the spiral knife is not very ideal, and the price is much more expensive than the straight knife. Because the design structure of the spiral knife is thin, which is half of the straight knife, it is difficult to install. When in use, some manufacturers need to replace the knife every six months. To sum up, if the maximum speed of the production line is 150 meters per minute, it is recommended to configure a computer-controlled straight knife crosscutting machine, which has a reasonable comprehensive cost. 3. The computer-controlled spiral knife crosscutting machine is the latest technology at present. The design of the crosscutting machine supported by this technology adopts the low moment of inertia knife shaft design. The knife shaft is small, the control difficulty coefficient is relatively low, the compressive strength is relatively low, and the power is small, which can meet the requirements of high production speed. The production line above 150 meters per minute must be equipped with a computer-controlled spiral knife crosscutting machine. This model is a symbol of the technical content of the current competition among major equipment manufacturers. Because of this and the role of publicity and guidance, many carton enterprises that should not be equipped with this kind of equipment with compact structure, beautiful appearance and reliable performance are equipped with this kind of equipment. However, due to the problems mentioned above, the current comprehensive cost of this kind of equipment is high and the maintenance is difficult. 4。 At present, there are DC control system, DC servo control system and AC servo control system for computer control system. The market price of the above systems rises in turn. Due to the large number of manufacturing enterprises, the production time of ordinary DC control system is long, and the market price is low. DC servo control system is a technology developed on the basis of DC control system. In the production process of crosscutting machine, braking is required after paper cutting, and an impulse module is added to impulse power. After impulse power is released before paper cutting, it has a certain power saving function, but the service performance of this system is almost the same as that of the previous one. AC servo control system is the latest technology, which can be applied to the production with higher speed and higher cutting accuracy requirements. At present, it is applied in many high-speed production lines. 5。 The calibration and cutting technology appeared with the application of pre printing technology in corrugated board production. The current computer control system can be installed with this system, but the use effect is different. The better configuration is that the AC servo control system is equipped with a calibration cut-off system, and the use effect is mainly reflected in the high cut-off accuracy. In addition, because the pre printed paper will shrink, the shrinkage rate is related to the paper and the surrounding environment. Especially for the color packaging boxes used in household appliances, due to the exquisite printing, the bar code for cut-off identification is small, and the requirements for the ability of identification marks and tracking marks are high. In this case, it is generally necessary to configure an AC servo control system and install a calibration cut-off system to be competent

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