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Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, packaging paper is developing in the direction of high technology and functionality

1) anti corrosion and mould proof

paper made of calcite and activated carbon can be used to make corrugated boxes for transporting flowers, which can absorb hydrogen sulfide that leads to the corruption of flowers. Another method is to add nano-sized titanium dioxide powder (the crystal is divided into anatase and rutile) to make paper, which can play a role in corrosion prevention and mold prevention, because the main function of anatase crystal is antibacterial, corrosion prevention and mold prevention; The main functions of rutile crystal are strengthening, toughening and degrading organic pollutants

2) antibacterial

inject sterile gas when manufacturing natural pulp. This paper has the function of preventing bacterial invasion and can be used for the packaging of medical instruments. The newly developed nanocomposite functional paper can effectively overcome the discoloration problem of silver antibacterial agents. It is non-toxic and low-cost. It has good antibacterial effect on most common microorganisms, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Aspergillus niger

3) anti oxidation

the accelerated technology of two-way transfer and conversion paper made by weak alkali beating can keep calligraphy, painting and books from erosion in the acidic environment. Adding nano-sized oxygen

zinc oxide (also known as ultra-fine zinc oxide) to paper pulp can block ultraviolet rays, prevent oxidation and aging

4) moisture proof

waxed paper can improve the moisture proof performance, and can be used to make rainproof bags and dew proof bags for fruit tree seedling cultivation. For example, the nano far-infrared powder is a functional ultra-fine powder processed by a special nano powder preparation process with high-quality natural mineral as raw material. When it absorbs external heat energy, it can release far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 4 ~ 14 um. It has a special far-infrared radiation function. It is harmless to human body and can play an obvious effect of keeping warm and dehumidification

5) deodorization

paper made of porous inorganic substances and organic flavonol can absorb ammonia and other odors. Paper made by adding nano titanium dioxide. Nano titanium dioxide is white powder, and the crystal is divided into anatase type and rutile type. Anatase titanium dioxide at about 30mm has a strong anti-toxic and deodorizing function, and the produced paper can deodorize

6) heat resistant

paper made of specially treated pulp has good heat resistance and water vapor absorption performance, and can be used as a packaging box for microwave food. For example, if nano anti UV powder is mixed, the failure of the sensor is mainly due to the overload of experimental force. The powder itself is non-toxic and harmless, which can shield and absorb ultraviolet rays, and has obvious anti ultraviolet radiation ability. The paper made of it can resist heat and high temperature

7) fire resistance

the paper made of phosphorylated pulp and glass fiber mixed with aluminum hydroxide and natural pulp has good heat and fire resistance. For example, the paperboard made of nano light color conductive powder has the properties of fire resistance and high temperature resistance

8) acid resistance

paper made of special pulp mixed with additives has excellent light transmittance and acid resistance. If nano inorganic antibacterial powder is injected into the pulp, the antibacterial powder can be permanently combined with the polymer substrate. The paper made by mixing such powder has the function of acid and alkali resistance

9) oil resistance

the oil resistance treatment on the inner layer of the paperboard can prevent oil from soaking. The surface of the paperboard can be printed with general paint treatment. This kind of paperboard is mainly used for the packaging of greasy food

10) water resistance

100% natural pulp mixed with human latex resin has excellent water resistance, folding resistance and abrasion resistance. For example, the paper made of nano wear-resistant superfine powder has excellent water resistance, strength and wear resistance

11) fresh keeping

paper made with absorbent resin after chemical treatment of natural pulp. Suitable for fresh-keeping packaging. For example, the paper made of nano inorganic antibacterial powder mixed with human pulp is a safe and non-toxic product because it is a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent with long-lasting bactericidal and antibacterial effects. After the safety test, it is harmless to human body and non irritating to skin. The antibacterial powder with 1% concentration has an obvious industry leading advantage of 10 points, and the sterilization rate of the liquid in 10min is more than 99.9%. The paper made of it is completely suitable for fresh-keeping packaging

12) anti noise

low density paper made of non carcinogenic asbestos fiber, waste paper, rags, etc. has superior sound absorption, water absorption, heat insulation and cushioning effects

1 35. Spend less during use) antistatic

inject nano light conductive powder into the pulp. The powder has long-lasting conductivity, and the paper made by mixing it can greatly improve the antistatic performance. (author/Wang Huanxin)

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