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Technical analysis of paper packaging made of sandwich corrugated board


China uses forest resources as packaging materials, while European and American countries and regions have strict requirements for the packaging of imported goods: first, the use of white light foamed plastics is strictly prohibited, and all packaging products need to pass the inspection of diseases and pests. For wood packaging, it is even more required to undergo fumigation and disinfection. The current packaging situation is that corrugated boxes are mostly used to pack small mechanical products such as food, beverages, clothing, medicine and daily necessities, while mechanical and electrical products such as air compressors, automobile engines, program-controlled exchanges and motorcycles are generally packed with wood and plastic products, while large household electrical products such as motors and refrigerators need to be padded with light foam in ordinary corrugated boxes for support and protection

although corrugated board and corrugated box, which are widely produced and used in China, have incomparable advantages over other packaging materials, such as environmental protection, recyclability, strong printability, light weight, low cost, folding and easy molding, and can be used as ideal packaging materials/containers, it also has fatal defects: low strength and especially obvious after the carton is damp. In this regard, Paper packaging is difficult to compare with wood packaging and plastic packaging. Due to the low strength of ordinary corrugated packaging boxes and the collapse of the boxes due to dampness, claims are often caused by the damage of the contents. The problem of poor packaging restricts the export quantity of some products to a certain extent

with the rapid development of China's national economy, especially after China's accession to the WTO, the export of various goods is increasing, and the demand for various packaging is also increasing. How to design and manufacture high-strength packaging products with paper as the material, and more widely realize the substitution of paper for wood and paper for plastic in the packaging field, whether from reducing the logging of limited forest resources, maintaining ecological balance, reducing pollution, protecting the human living environment, or reducing the damage of commodities in the process of circulation and transportation, so that the packaging really plays a role in protecting the contents, has extremely important and far-reaching significance

Guilin Chenguang paper products Co., Ltd. has continuously summarized its experience in long-term production practice, and recently developed a kind of packaging material and packaging products with independent intellectual property rights with novel structure and wide applicability: all paper, high-strength reinforced sandwich corrugated cardboard (commonly known as "corrugated" cardboard), as well as top and bottom swing cover packaging cartons and plug-in packaging boxes made of this cardboard

characteristics and uses of reinforced sandwich corrugated board

1. Environmental protection and low cost

all the materials of reinforced sandwich corrugated board and its packaging products are corrugated paper and box board paper, so it is more widely realized to replace wood and plastic with paper, reducing the use of wood and non degradable light foam, which is conducive to ecological balance and environmental protection; At the same time, the corrugated board and its products made by the manufacturer of reinforced clip munitions equipment have the advantages of recyclable ordinary corrugated board, light weight, printable, foldable, good cushioning performance and low cost

2. Reasonable structure and ultra-high strength

the reasonable structure makes the reinforced sandwich corrugated board have high strength. After inspection and measurement, the total thickness of the board is 3.2cm (the thickness can be adjusted at will), the corrugated density of the interlayer is Leng/m, the surface layer is five layers (quantitative 780g/m2) of ordinary corrugated board (C Leng B Leng), and the inner layer is three layers (quantitative 470g/m2) of ordinary corrugated board (C Leng), The interlayer is three layers (quantitative 680g/m2) of ordinary corrugated board (B-BEAM), and the total paper quantity is g/m2

(1) edge compression strength> 7350n/m2

(2) flat compression strength> 129850n/m2

(3) bursting strength (to be tested)

(4) bending strength (to be tested)

(5) dynamic cushioning (to be tested)

compared with ordinary five layer corrugated board, many physical indexes are several times or even more than ten times higher than ordinary corrugated board

compared with the same quantitative honeycomb paperboard, the comprehensive index of reinforced sandwich corrugated paperboard is better

3. Improve efficiency and facilitate disassembly

it is easy to connect with ordinary corrugated board (3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers) to make packaging containers for various purposes. For example: (1) using "reinforced sandwich corrugated board" to make the top and bottom swing cover box for the indoor unit of cabinet air conditioner, due to its compact structure (now it is composed of seven pieces into two pieces), it can reduce the direct packaging cost by%, and reduce the indirect packaging cost by% (packaging efficiency, packaging labor, transportation quantity, storage cost, sealing tape, packaging bags, etc.). At the same time, because the front is seamless without nails, the integrity and beauty of the container are improved

(2) the bolt bottom support type packing box designed and manufactured with reinforced sandwich corrugated board for outdoor air conditioners, refrigerators, color TVs, motorcycles and electromechanical products, with a bottom bearing of up to 200kg. The biggest feature of this box is that it uses the corrugated gap between the "tile in the tile" cardboard interlayer, and uses the bolt (the bolt material can be wood, bamboo, plastic or paper tube) to connect with the bottomless box, which greatly facilitates the packing and unpacking process of heavy items, especially color TVs. At present, ordinary parcel post cartons are generally used for the packaging of color TVs below 34 inches. In the process of sales, color TVs must be lifted out of the box for display and debugging to show users, It is troublesome, unsafe and extremely inconvenient to carry it into the box after reading it

(3) use reinforced sandwich corrugated board. Because it has good flat compression and bending strength, if it is connected with the paper pipe and made into a legged bracket, it can completely replace the wooden bracket, and can be transported by forklift or trailer

(4) taking advantage of the good edge pressing strength of the sandwich corrugated board and the structure of the five layer paperboard of the face paper, the slotted insertion method can be used, or the characteristics of the five layer paperboard that is easy to press lines and turn can be used to make flat and right angle support plates. If the surface layer paperboard is two layers (corrugated outward), the shockproof and cushioning performance is more ideal

4. Low technical difficulty and less equipment investment

because "reinforced sandwich corrugated board" is a kind of board originated from ordinary corrugated board, and its main material is ordinary corrugated board, it is very suitable for enterprises producing corrugated packaging now

technological process, technological process and equipment

iso 6502

1, technological process

(1) the corrugated board production line produces the corrugated board with surface layer, inner layer and interlayer according to the required specifications

(2) sandwich corrugated board (three-layer, B-line, base paper quantitative gram/m2 ordinary corrugated paper), on the professional cutting machine, according to a certain interval distance, the front and back sides are vertically cut in the corrugated direction (cut off two layers, leaving only one layer for connection)

(3) if the corrugated paper after chemical cutting is an oil pipe rupture plate, mount it with the inner layer on a special glue forming machine (equivalent to single-sided corrugated)

(4) trim the edges of the mounted paperboard on the slitter and cut it according to the required specifications (if only making paperboard, this process should be carried out after the surface layer is mounted)

(5) mount it with the corrugated board on the surface layer on the ordinary gluing machine. If the surface layer is used as the outer layer of the packing box (generally it should be 5 layers of corrugated cardboard), it can go through the processes of printing, pressing, die cutting or slotting like ordinary corrugated cartons

2. Process flow

3. Equipment required

(1) five layer corrugated board production line

(2) specialized cutting machine

(3) special molding and mounting machine

resins used in plastic products and films (4) printing machines and slotting machines

(5) die cutting machine

(6) ordinary mounting machine

(7) slitter

cost statistics

1. Materials (three-layer corrugated board)

(1) three-layer corrugated board (C or B corrugated board, 175g Kraft for face paper, 180g vermicelli for lining paper, 127g corrugated paper) 1.65 yuan/single M2 × 2 = 3.58 yuan/double M2

(2) corrugated sandwich layer, the surface, lining and corrugated paper are 127g corrugated paper, 1.28 yuan × 1.6=2.05 yuan/m2

2. Processing fee (chemical cutting, forming, mounting, slitting)

(1) auxiliary materials: 0.54 yuan/m2

(2) utilities: 0.05 yuan/m2

(3) management fee: 0.25 yuan/m2

(4) profit: 0.80 yuan/m2

(5) tax: 0.22 yuan/m2

(6) others: 0.27 yuan/m2


total: 8 yuan/m2 (sales price of the manufacturer)

to sum up, "Reinforced sandwich corrugated board" takes full advantage of the mechanical principle of multi-directional support in structure. The high-strength corrugated board is deformed and arranged through a unique process and integrated with the best mechanical structure. The six sides of the packaging box made of such high-strength corrugated board form a strong tubular matrix, which can resist the pressure and collision from the six sides in an all-round way, and can effectively prevent the damage of the items in the box, In particular, products with large packaging volume and fragile products that are afraid of pressure can better reflect its advantages. As "reinforced sandwich corrugated board" is an all paper packaging product, it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good cushioning performance and so on. It can effectively replace foamed plastic as the cushion and support block of product packaging, prevent the compression and collision of external forces on the packaged items, and avoid the problems of package collapse, environmental protection, epidemic disease and so on when exporting products. Because "reinforced sandwich corrugated board" makes full use of the principle of mechanical structure, it saves more materials than traditional corrugated board and honeycomb board under the same strength requirements, so the production cost is lower. It can be said that the "reinforced sandwich corrugated board" and the various paper product packaging boxes it is used to make are a project that benefits the country and the people

source: China Paper Industry

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