Processing of canned celery leaves in soft package

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Processing of canned celery leaves in soft packaging

process flow: material selection, cleaning → scalding → cooling → draining → material mixing → packaging → vacuum sealing → sterilization, cooling → heat preservation inspection → finished products

operation points are as follows:

⑴ material selection and cleaning: select fresh green celery leaves, remove insect spots, withered yellow, damaged leaves and old leaves, and divide them into single leaves after cleaning

⑵ scalding: put the washed celery leaves into 3 times the amount of boiling water and scald for 1 minute. Take it out, cool it with cold water and control it dry

⑶ mixing: mix according to the formula. Formula: 10 kg celery leaves, 1.5 kg vegetable oil, 1 kg sesame oil, 0.05 kg monosodium glutamate, 0.05 kg pepper, 0 (2) food producers purchase food related products 1kg, garlic powder 0.6kg, salt 0.5kg

⑷ packaging: put the mixed materials into food packaging bags that can withstand high temperature cooking. Pay attention not to get oil or accessories on the mouth of the bag

(5) vacuum sealing does not meet the technical specifications caused; (4) The original chuck fixture is very complex: heat sealing with vacuum packaging machine

⑥ sterilization and cooling: sterilization as soon as possible after sealing, but experts believe that. The sterilization temperature is 100 ℃, and it is cooled to 38 ℃ immediately after sterilization. (7) insulation inspection: after sterilization and cooling, take it out, wipe the moisture, and remove the broken bags and bulging bags. The finished products are those that pass the inspection after being kept at a constant temperature of 25 ℃ for days

(author/Yu Liping)

source: rural new technology, 2005.10)

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