Processing method of the hottest balsam pear food

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Balsam pear food processing method

as a high-quality food processing resource for both medicine and food, balsam pear has broad development prospects. Now several methods of making drinks and snacks with bitter gourd as raw materials are introduced as follows

balsam pear cool beverage with mature and moderate technology → cleaning → cutting, removing seeds → crushing → color protection, precooking → pressure filtration → clarification with pectinase and chitosan → mixing with purified water, citric acid, honey, sucrose, potassium sorbate, etc. → filtration → degassing → bottling → capping → sterilization → finished product

product features: light yellow green color, clear and transparent, cool with a slight bitter taste, fresh and not astringent. The cooling effect is better after freezing

bitter melon seed protein beverage process bitter melon seeds → selection → shelling → cleaning → alkaline water immersion to remove bitterness → pre boiling (inactivating enzyme and Debittering) → pulping → filter residue → colloidal mill primary grinding → adding sugar, stabilizer, emulsifier, quality improver, preservative and other mixing → colloidal mill secondary grinding → temperature preservation → homogenizer homogenization → filling → sterilization → cooling → finished product

product features: milky color, delicate fragrance, delicious, slightly bitter but not astringent. The stability is good, and the external is not layered

balsam pear tea with moderate maturity → selection → cleaning → pulping → slicing → drying and dehydration in the drying room → softening → drying again → packaging → finished products

product features: it is easy to carry. It can be used as tea after brewing with boiling water, and can be used as a daily drink for patients with diabetes. Healthy people brew tea in summer, which can clear away heat and relieve summer heat, with moderate sweetness and bitterness, refreshing and delicious

the balsam pear health wine process chooses the tender fruit with backward balsam pear flower due to the unique brittleness of carbon fiber → put it in the process bottle → balsam pear fruit continues to grow in the bottle → pick it together with the bottle when it grows to a suitable maturity → clean → disinfect → add high-quality Daqu wine → cover → store for 15 ~ 30 days → finished product

product features: the wine tastes sweet and bitter, mellow and delicious, and has a unique flavor. The highlight will be in the fields of new energy vehicles, high-power fans, energy-saving and efficient Electromechanical, etc. the wine will have a long taste, and it is rich in amino acids and Momordica glycosides. It can promote appetite, cool and detoxify, relieve heat and defecate

instant bitter gourd solid beverage process bitter gourd → cleaning → cutting and removing seeds → crushing → color protection and pre cooking → beating → colloidal grinding and micro grinding → cyclodextrin embedding → adding acid and sugar seasoning → homogenizing with homogenizer → degassing → sterilization → vacuum concentration → spray drying → packaging → finished product

product features: it is uniform powder, light green in color, no caking, good in flavor, sweet and sour, and light in bitterness. Due to the use of the whole meat of bitter gourd, the functional components of bitter gourd are preserved to the greatest extent

balsam pear candied process balsam pear → cleaning → cutting and removing seeds → cutting → CaCl2 solution hardening → rinsing with water → hot water blanching → sugar stains → sugar drainage → drying dehydration → cooling → packaging

product features: the finished product is light yellow, crystal clear, crisp in taste, with the unique fragrance and bitter taste of balsam pear, and the aftertaste is sweet, cool and bitter

sauce crisp balsam pear strip process balsam pear → cleaning → cutting and removing seeds → cutting → protecting crispness with CaCl2 solution → dipping and seasoning with salt, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, vinegar, cooking wine, etc. → ripening in about 10 ~ 20 days → finished product

product features: the finished product is bright in color, sour and spicy, slightly bitter, and tastes sweet and crisp. It is a rare food companion in summer

balsam pear buccal tablet technology balsam pear → cleaning → segmentation, seedlessness, peeling → vacuum freeze-drying → coarse crushing → ultra-fine crushing to more than 100 mesh → mixing with protein sugar → tablet pressing → packaging → finished product

product features: it is a good health care product for diabetics. It is convenient to take, and the effect of taking it on an empty stomach is the best. Cool and refreshing, it retains the effective ingredients and natural flavor of balsam pear to the greatest extent

fully meet the temperature control indexes specified in the national standard gb/t229-2007 (American Standard ASTM) metal Charpy Notch Impact test method

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