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Heidelberg digital printing CeBIT 2002 exhibition unveils secrets

at CeBIT 2002 exhibition, Heidelberg company will appear as a supplier of overall digital printing solutions

CeBIT 2002 will be held in Hanover from March 13 to 20, 2002. During the exhibition, Heidelberg will perfectly show its reputation as a pioneer in digital printing industry. According to Holger Reichardt, the marketing president of Heidelberg company, "the CeBIT 2002 exhibition held in Hannover will give Heidelberg company the first opportunity to demonstrate a complete and highly integrated solution from prepress to printing to post printing. Its application range covers, especially people's reception and re monopoly. It is clear that in the field of enhancing the coverage of color and black and white."

the highlight of Heidelberg will be its digital printing system, which can provide a completely open and flexible workflow and adapt to a variety of working environments. Digimaster 9110 black-and-white digital printing system will be its most important demonstration product, which comes with a variety of software and post press functions; Dataxceed is a software applied to digimaster, which can recognize all popular and common file formats in the data center by pressing the "start" button

nexpress 2100, once displayed on print 01, is Heidelberg's first digital printing product to market. At CeBIT, Heidelberg will show how it is an efficient system for variable data printing, which is more beneficial to users who focus on personalized printing

quickmaster Di pro, which has proved the successful combination of offset printing technology and digital technology, will also be exhibited in CeBIT. Its end-to-end digital workflow will be extended to printing, but it will be more brilliant due to the increase of insulation thickness. Quickmaster Di Pro is mainly aimed at prepress enterprises, digital printing companies and advertising agencies that expect the continuous growth of the short version color printing market

by showing this software solution at CeBIT exhibition, Heidelberg company can understand the special requirements of potential customers from industry, management, banking, insurance companies and telecommunications. In addition, the school of print media and its latest achievements were exhibited on the same stage with Heidelberg at A2, the 6th standard in the hall of promoting industrial extension No. 1

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