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Processing of fish and shellfish packaging

5 packaging of processed fish food

the processing process of fish products includes fish cutting, fish slices dipped in syrup or noodle paste, and the processing technology is still under development. Freeze the fish pieces (or fillets) into flat pieces, then cut them into strips, drag the flour paste and add bread crumbs, and finally fry them for about one minute. Frying can only change the appearance of the fish, but the ice in the center does not melt. What kind of products does the universal machine discharge excess grease? Today, Jinan new era test has stable performance and reliable accuracy. Gold Instrument Co., Ltd. will show you a modified universal machine. The fish will be packaged and frozen again. After processing, there will not be so many Spandex Enterprises in China. For the packaging of fish products, 12 um thick polyester film can be used to pack them into pillow shape on a horizontal forming filling sealing machine. The reverse side of the plastic film is treated and printed by electric spark, and then compounded with 50um thick polyethylene film. This composite structure beautifies the printing effect and protects the printing ink from friction and falling off. Moreover, the two single film substrates have different insulation properties and puncture resistance in a wide range of temperature range, which play an effective protective role in transportation, stacking and self selected market display cabinets

cartons can also be used for the packaging of fish products. The surface of the cartons is wrapped with heat shrinkable film, which can make up for and improve the protective performance of the packaging. After the cartons are packed into bales with shrink film, they are bundled into one piece every 4 bales with stretch film, and each 48 pieces are packed into a carton. The cartons (about ten cartons) are packed on a pallet and wrapped tightly with stretch film for transportation and delivery. A large variety of fish and shellfish are processed by cooking and frozen for sale. For example, breaded fish sticks, scallops, clams, oysters, prawns, lobsters, crabs, fin fish cakes, tuna stuffing, TV dinner fish, etc. Rolled and crumbled fish processed products are usually wrapped in wax paper and packed in cartons, which are lined with parchment. Fish products containing seasoning are packed in cooking bags made of polyethylene coated polyester film. This bag can be cooked in boiling water. Printed cartons are used for outer packaging. TV meals filled with fish are usually packaged in shallow plates or plates made of aluminum foil, and then put into printed cartons. Metal hoses are used to pack catsup such as salmon and salmon. The cold dishes of Soviet style fish products are packaged in glass bottles and metal cans. This kind of fish food is sometimes mixed with two or three kinds of fish, and mixed with chopped scallions, carrots, non fermented bread and various power sources and powers: three-phase four wire 50hz380v180w seasonings. The mixed fish are usually haddock, white COD and pseudonymous butterfly

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