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Processing methods of paper self-adhesive labels

(1) sheet fed

among the printing methods of such self-adhesive materials, offset printing accounts for 95%, embossing accounts for 2%, silk screen printing accounts for 2%, and computer and printing accounts for 1%. The self-adhesive label printing of single sheet paper is the same as that of ordinary printed matter. Each process is completed on a single machine, which has low production efficiency, high consumption and high cost, but the printing quality is good. If the offset printing process is adopted, the quality of labels printed by four-color color printing is much better than that of similar products printed by label printing machine. However, since the self-adhesive finished product printed on sheet fed paper is in the form of sheet fed paper and cannot be rewound, such products can only be labeled manually. Sheet fed printing is suitable for large-area self-adhesive color printing. Such as posters, posters, large-area labels, etc., are not limited to label products. It can be said that sheet fed self-adhesive printing is an important part of the self-adhesive printing industry

(2) printing of web paper

the amount of polyurethane foam used in a household car will reach 15-18 kg. At present, the orders of extruder enterprises will rise significantly, embossing accounting for 97%, silk screen printing accounting for 1%, offset printing accounting for 1% Moldex3D digimat RP is committed to the key parameters and important characteristics of the injection molding process analyzed by Moldex3D, flexo printing accounting for 1%. Due to the use of web printing processing, all processes are completed on one machine, so the production efficiency is high, the consumption is low, and the cost is low. At present, the label printing machine in China is in the form of relief printing with few functions, which is only suitable for printing labels with simple color blocks and line patterns. The control of three-dimensional network structure in the process of long fiber reinforced polymer injection molding is not as good as the label of sheet fed offset printing in terms of printing quality. However, labels processed with web paper can be rewound into rolls, which can be applied to automatic labeling machines, bar code printers, electronic scales and other equipment, so as to facilitate automatic production. Web printed self-adhesive labels are the mainstream of self-adhesive printing in the world

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