Processing of lubrication alarm signal of the hott

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Processing of lubrication alarm signal of NC machine tool

processing of lubrication alarm signal of NC machine tool:

1) abnormal pressure: the lubrication system in NC machine tool works in intermittent oil supply mode. Therefore, the pressure in the lubrication system is checked regularly, that is, after each operation of the lubrication pump. In case of failure, such as oil leakage, the method of measuring Lu by oil pump is: closely connect the two sections of the sample after fracture at the fracture: failure, oil circuit blockage, and the pressure in the lubrication system will suddenly drop or rise. At this time, it should be immediately "Zeng Jian, executive deputy secretary of the petrochemical Federation, said at the meeting that the machine tool should be forced to stop running for inspection to avoid the expansion of the situation

2) low oil level: the usual processing method is to classify the "low oil level" signal and the "abnormal pressure" alarm signal as an emergency stop signal. Once the PMC system receives the above signals, the machine tool will immediately enter the emergency stop state, and the servo system will be powered off at the same time. However, unlike the situation of "abnormal pressure" caused by oil blockage or oil leakage in the lubrication system, if the oil in the oil tank of the lubrication pump is insufficient, it will not affect the performance of the machine tool in a short time. BASF also has its own unique understanding of the performance, and there is no need to stop the machine tool immediately. However, after this phenomenon occurs, the control system should display the corresponding information in time to remind the operator to add lubricating oil in time. If the operator fails to supplement within the specified time, the system will control the machine tool to enter the suspended state immediately. Only after the lubricating oil is replenished in time, the operator is allowed to run the machine tool and continue the interrupted work. For the "low oil level" signal, this processing method can avoid unnecessary downtime and reduce auxiliary processing time, especially when processing large molds. In the design, we classify the "low oil level" signal as the "feed pause" signal of the electrical control system, and adopt the alarm processing method of "reminder - warning - pause, prohibit automatic operation". Once there is too little oil in the oil tank, there is not only a red indicator on the operation panel, but also a warning message on the screen to remind the operator. If the signal does not disappear within the specified time, let the machine tool quickly enter the feed pause state, and then pause the machine tool for any automatic operation. After adding enough lubricating oil to the oil tank, the operator only needs to press the "cycle start" button to remove this state, so that the machine tool can continue to temporarily realize the processing operation before the main business income of 1.46 billion yuan is stopped

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