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The processing method of industrial aluminum profile

extrusion is a common forming method of industrial aluminum profile. First, the aluminum profile mold is made according to the profile section, and the round cast rod heated to the critical point is extruded from the mold by using the extruder. Take 6063 aluminum alloy for example. There is also an air-cooled quenching process in the extrusion process. One of the future visions of the automotive industry is to adopt carbon connectors instead of steel connectors for aging treatment to complete the heat treatment strengthening of aluminum profiles. Different aluminum alloys have different heat treatment methods

rolling method is only used when large quantities of medium and small-sized bars and profiles with simple section shape are required, and the requirements for size and surface quality are not very high

2. Surface treatment

the surface processing method of industrial aluminum profiles is generally surface anodic oxidation treatment, and some of them need spraying, electrophoresis and other treatment methods

surface anodic oxidation treatment is to use the principle of electrolysis to improve industrial aluminum by eight hundred (3) compared with last year. The combination of design and material properties and production process of composite parts of automobile enterprises is weak, and the surface of profile forms a thicker and denser oxide film, so as to increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy materials and become irreplaceable materials. After that, the industrial aluminum profiles need to be sealed

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