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Processing methods of transmission originals

in practical work, there are four kinds of transmission originals: monochrome advertising film, four-color color separation advertising film, negative film taken by ordinary camera and reverse film taken by professional camera. Next, we will explain in more detail the four processing methods of transmission originals

1. Monochrome advertising film: almost all scanners can scan such originals. When scanning, select original:transmit and NT at the same time; Mode:Line; The resolution is determined by the number of lines added and the output accuracy. The most critical parameter is the size of the threshold, which depends on different scanners. Some scanners, such as Agfa small platform scanner, the larger the threshold setting, the brighter the effect, but on the whole; Some scanners, such as liannohaier small platform scanners, the greater the threshold setting, the darker the effect

2 ﹐ four color color separation advertising film: this transmission manuscript must be scanned by a professional Copydot scanner. It is reported that nearly 300 + enterprise representatives and 100 + experts and enterprise leaders attended the meeting, such as eskoscan series scanners of baoludefu. During operation, you must carefully paste and accurately locate, and then scan according to the preset parameters, including scanmode, destination, image format, reso lution, threshold, and separationpreview

3 ﹐ color negatives: not all scanners have the function of scanning negatives. When scanning, select origin  negative; Mode:ColorRGB; And set the corresponding scanning resolution. Some professional scanners, such as Heidelberg Tango series roller scanners, also require the film base type corresponding to the color negative, but the scanning results are usually biased heavily. Therefore, in practical work, it is recommended that the customer provide the developed photos as much as possible

4 ﹐ reverse film: this kind of high-quality professional manuscript is very common in the actual scanning work, and the ring fast scanner usually has the function of scanning this kind of manuscript. When scanning, select original  transparent  mode  colorrgb  to set the corresponding scanning resolution. Some professional scanners, such as Heidelberg Shenge series drum scanners, also need to set the corresponding film base type. For such originals, the scanning effect of medium and low-end platform scanners is not good. It is best to scan them with electric extension, roller scanner and professional platform scanner

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