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3D XiuXiu helps Dexin hardware to build a 3D exhibition hall

3d XiuXiu helps Dexin hardware to build a 3D exhibition hall

China Construction machinery information to solve the problems of pressure testing machines: Recently, Xindi 3D XiuXiu and techin hardware (techin) have reached a cooperation. Xindi 3D XiuXiu provides Dexin five gold with the speed of cloud, which also realizes the 3D display technical service of friction and wear testing machines with different constant speeds by changing gears, Helped Dexin hardware successfully build a 3D exhibition hall, and perfectly realized the 720 ° display effect of 3D models of products. Customers do not need to install any plug-ins. They can browse high-quality 3D effects completely based on the browser, which greatly enhances the display ability of Dexin hardware product officers, improves the customer's interactive experience of product selection on their officers, improves the brand image, and plays an important role in the Internet display, promotion and marketing of their products

3d XiuXiu, developed by Xindi Digital Engineering System Co., Ltd., is a cloud software based on the 3D model of web display products. Based on the cutting-edge Internet 3D display and interaction technology, it can display the digital 3D model with high quality in real time on the PC and mobile terminals without installing any plug-ins or software. 2. Maintenance of the oil source of digital display electronic tensile test: for spare parts manufacturers in the equipment manufacturing industry Complete machine equipment manufacturers provide interconnected 3D display solutions to help the marketing display of products

3d XiuXiu Officer:

Guangzhou Dexin Hardware Technology Development Co., Ltd. (techin), founded in 2002, is a company specializing in the production of casters and related hardware products, with stable product quality, complete products and first-class service. At the same time, it also provides customers with high-quality customized service for caster products. With the help of the powerful Web3D display technology and convenient cloud service mode of [3D show], techin hardware (techin) uploads the 3D model of the product to the [3D show] platform and carries out model material, light source, annotation, scene and rendering effects. It quickly generates a web 3D format with realistic effects and interactive functions for display to its own enterprise officials, which enhances the product display ability of enterprise officials and the interactive experience of customers, At the same time, it has improved the overall brand image and user reputation of the product

3D display effect of caster products on techin hardware officer

3D exhibition hall of techin hardware Officer:

this time, the cloud 3D display technology service provided by Xindi 3D show to techin hardware has been unanimously recognized by Dexin hardware and its customers, and has played an important role in its exploration of "Internet + industrial product marketing display". It is expected that Xindi 3D show can serve more industries Clamping mode: automatic clamping enterprises provide professional Web3D display technology solutions to help the marketing display of industrial products

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