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3D printing technology indicates that the "third industrial revolution" will come

at the 2012 top 500 Chinese enterprises release and China's large enterprises summit held in Changchun City, Jilin Province, many entrepreneurs paid attention to the American Reindustrialization strategy and the third global industrial revolution. Some experts believe that the rudiment of China's industrial digital production has not been seen at present, but the enterprise people in the manufacturing field have a sense of crisis that the latest industrial revolution may bring about changes

the third industrial revolution is the combination of information technology and automatic control technology with our current industrial production technology. The most typical case is the promotion of 3D printing products, which can print clothes, molds and parts. In the past few years, there have been such precedents in the United States and developed countries, but they have not been reflected on a large scale in domestic enterprises. It can be directly produced into granules at room temperature, said lvzheng, member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and deputy director of the economics department

this year, a famous British economic magazine wrote that 3D printing technology will make the factory completely bid farewell to traditional tools such as lathes, drill bits, stamping machines and mold making machines. This more flexible and less investment production mode is the sign of the arrival of the third industrial revolution. The traditional manufacturing industry will gradually lose its competitiveness, and digital, artificial intelligence manufacturing and new materials will be widely used

it is reported that the developed countries in Europe and the United States intend to use the digital production mode to create a wide range of intelligent manufacturing industries, and the printing houses are within the plan. It is reported that American scholars have designed a huge 3D printer, which can print a house within 20 hours, and will be safer and more efficient than the current construction technology

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in the overall situation of world economic reform, all enterprises are facing great challenges. However, the challenges faced by Chinese enterprises bear the brunt, and are particularly severe. Why? Because of the third industrial revolution. Zhang Ruimin, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Haier Group, said in his keynote speech on the afternoon of September 1. He said that the digital manufacturing brought about by the third industrial revolution aims to reduce product costs, and China's advantage of cheap labor will disappear

in addition, the new generation of wireless network technology in the United States has grown rapidly. Cloud computing has driven the economy into a large-scale data era of cost saving. The development of new energy technologies can help the United States achieve energy independence, and the cost of manufacturing will be further reduced. Many entrepreneurs and scholars are very concerned about these new generation of industrial revolution features that have also somewhat sprouted in China

Zhengwei International Group Co., Ltd., which ranks 30th among China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises this year, mainly produces non-ferrous metals and semiconductors. In an interview with the media, wangwenyin, chairman of the board of directors, mentioned the Reindustrialization promoted by the U.S. government. He believed that the era of traditional industrial economy was coming to an end. Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said a few days ago that a new round of industrial revolution is deepening, and developed countries have implemented the strategy of Reindustrialization. Digital intelligent 260 color building materials technology has profoundly changed the production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry

Lu Zheng believes that it is still too early for a new generation of industries represented by intelligent manufacturing industry to be widely used to replace traditional industries, but Chinese entrepreneurs must pay attention to the latest trends of international industry and strengthen research and development in this regard

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